Chapter Five

Elizabeth had to talk to Jason.

Elizabeth smiled slightly in her sleep. She could feel Jason’s fingers tracing lightly down her arm. Which meant that he decided to stay the night.

Over the past two months since they started dating, both her and Jason had been playing the “who’s place, yours or mine” game. Of course, when it came down to it, it worked perfectly for both of them and Cameron. It was still taking her son time to adjust to the new relationship his mother was in, but Jason was so sweet with her little boy, that it was making the transition easier.

Sighing in delight, Elizabeth shifted onto her stomach. When his fingers moved up to her shoulder and down her back, she began to shiver. “You’re supposed to be at work,” she said in amusement, her voice slightly dry.

Elizabeth gasped when she felt Jason’s teeth sink into the skin above her shoulder, and then moaned when he ran his tongue over the bite. “Jason,” she moaned again.


He couldn’t love her any more than he already did. But as Jason looked down at his sleeping goddess of a girlfriend, he realized he loved her even more.

Licking the bite he left on her shoulder, he grinned evilly. “I wanted to stay a little while longer. Maybe take you and Cameron to breakfast at Kelly’s.”

“Jason, that is so sweet of you, but I’ve got to get to the hospital in like…an hour,” she said, pouting. She would have loved to spend the morning with Jason and her son. Whether it was here at the apartment or at Kelly’s.

Jason nodded, pushing away his slight disappointment. Elizabeth was a working mother and he had to respect her wishes to continue to work at the hospital, even if he could pay for her to be a stay-at-home mom. Just the thought of her being cooped up at his penthouse anyway, made him rethink the idea that had been brewing in his head for months. “Okay, than how about I cook you two breakfast?” he asked.

Elizabeth turned onto her side, the sheet covering her. “You would do that for us?” she asked. It never ceased to amaze her the lengths Jason would go just to please her. And it was the simple things that he did. Like making dinner for the both of them. Drawing a bath full of bubbles for her, after a long days work, followed by a back and foot massage. Jason was full of surprises.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I?” asked Jason with a slight frown.

Shrugging, Elizabeth reached out and ran her fingers down his cheek. His slight stubble tickled her fingers. “Nothing, it’s just…Jason you do so much for us.”

Jason nodded. “Well, maybe that’s because I want to do it for you,” he said taking her hand and bringing it to his lips, kissing it. “Does that bother you?”

With his lips on her hand like that? Absolutely not! Taking a deep breath, Elizabeth laced her fingers with his. “Jason, no it doesn’t bother me at all,” she said. “What bothers me is that while you are doing all of this for me, I’m kind of not doing anything for you.”

“That’s not true,” said Jason as he sat up slightly, putting his free hand behind his head, to prop his head up. “You do a lot for me.”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. “Name one,” she said, dryly.

Jason smiled in amusement, tracing his thumb over her palm. “It’s the simple things. You care what I think; you take the time to listen to what I want to say. You know who I am, and if there something you don’t like about my job – you bring it up with me and not anyone else. Although I’m okay with you talking to my sister about it.”

Laughing, Elizabeth hit him on the shoulder. “I do not talk about the business with your sister,” she giggled.

“Oh so that conversation I heard last night when I walked in was about coffee beans?” he asked, his voice serious but his eyes telling another story.

Elizabeth nodded. “Yep, we sat down on the couch and had a whole conversation about coffee beans. Where they were made, raised, and shipped. We even talked about the coffee bean ice cream that Mike just purchased to be used at Kelly’s too,” she said.

Jason burst out laughing and shook his head. “You were not,” he said grabbing a pillow and pushing it gently into her face.

Letting out a cry of laughter, Elizabeth pushed the pillow away as Jason moved o top of her. “Okay, okay!” she laughed, feeling his fingers move down to her sides and begin to tickle her. “Okay we weren’t talking about coffee beans!”

“Mmm, hmm,” he said moving to kiss her neck. “Then I guess you were talking about…that ice cream that Mike purchased?”

Elizabeth’s eyes closed and she arched her neck, giving him more skin. “Yeah…oooh, right there Jason,” she moaned.

Jason smiled against her skin. Moving his hands from her sides he reached up and cupped her breasts in his hands. “Elizabeth…” he whispered in her ear. “You’re lying, you know.”

Gasping, Elizabeth pushed her back up against his hands. “Yes I am,” she moaned. “But give a girl a break, Jason. When a man has his hands on a certain part of her body…she can’t resist.”

“Resist lying?” he asked sucking on her earlobe, nipping at the soft skin. Jason began massaging her breasts, moving his palms over her already hard nipples.

Elizabeth cried out. “Resist anything to get…ooh…to get a man to keep touching her!” she answered.

Moving away, Jason looked down at her. “Keep touching, huh?” he asked. “Is there any other place that her highness would like for the man to touch?”

God she loved it when he was like this. Light and playful, and so sexy that it made her wet. Elizabeth could already feel the heavy ache between her legs and wanted more than anything for him to touch her. No, she wanted him in her, right now.

“Well,” she said, massaging her foot over his leg until she wrapped her leg around his waist. “Right now, I want more than just touching.”

Jason nodded, feeling himself harden at her words. The affect Elizabeth Webber had on his body was amazing! He still couldn’t get used to it, and he had a feeling he never would. “More than touching, huh?” he asked feeling her leg wrap around his waist. He growled when he felt how wet she was when she rubbed herself against him. “What…can I do to please, her highness?”

“Jason,” Elizabeth whined, rocking against him.

No more playing. They both cried out as he slid inside of her. Reaching beneath him, Jason wrapped her other leg around his waist and began pumping in and out of her.

Elizabeth moaned, raking her nails down his back. “Oh yeah,” she moaned raising her hips to meet his thrusts. “Like that baby…oooh, like that!”

Leaning down, Jason took her lips with his for the first time since starting this game, making them both moan in pleasure. Sliding his tongue into her mouth, he continued to thrust into her.

She would never tire of him kissing her. Just the things Jason Morgan could do with his mouth were enough to make Elizabeth go over the edge, but she held on. One thing she had learned was the journey was more pleasurable than the ending. Although she had to admit, most of the time the ending was explosive. The orgasms he had given her had topped the charts and most of those had been without him inside her. God, there were so many things she loved about Jason!

Throwing an arm behind her, Elizabeth grabbed onto the railing of her bed as his thrusts became hard and fast, so fast that he was beginning to pound her. Yep, no doubt about it, she was going to work sore this morning. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Breaking the kiss, Elizabeth began screaming in delight as her orgasm neared. “Fuck…harder!” she cried. “Yeah, oh yeah, like that baby. Jason, oh my God!”

Jason cried out with her as they both went over the edge together, long and hard. He spilled deeply into her, his thrusts deepening as the pleasure rose to unbearable heights. He groaned when he heard her scream again, knowing he had brought her to another orgasm.

Shivering, Elizabeth brought her hand down and held him close as she came down from the high he had brought her to. “Wow,” she said, gasping for air. She felt him shift slightly as he began to laugh.

“I’ll say,” he said, before taking her lips with his again.


The loud sounds of crunching cereal made Jason smile and shake his head.

Each morning that he had eaten breakfast with Cameron and Elizabeth was different and better each time. The little boy was a hoot when he was awake and happy. Of course, it had taken Cameron time to get used to having Jason around a lot more – and having to share his mommy with someone else, other than his daddy.

Jason once again had to push away disappointment from showing on his face. He hadn’t expected for Cameron to be adjusted from the moment he walked in, nor had he expected for Cameron to call him daddy. To the little three-year-old boy, Lucky Spencer was still his daddy whether Jason liked it or not. It was something that he would just have to learn to get used to. One thing Jason would never do is come between Cameron and Elizabeth. Elizabeth was Cameron’s mother, a bond that brought mother and child together forever. Nothing could ever break that bond, and Jason wasn’t about to.

Turning, Jason almost laughed at the little boy that was currently occupying his thoughts. After making love to Elizabeth a second time that morning, he had gotten up to get breakfast ready while she showered. Cameron had come in a short while later claiming to be so hungry that he could eat a horse. Not only had that gotten Jason laughing, but the little guy had thought it was funny as well. Jason had ended up pouring a bowl of corn flakes, adding milk and sugar to it. Cameron had told him that his daddy had used to do that and that’s how his thoughts had turned sour.

Reaching for a paper towel, Jason walked over to Cameron and began wiping his face. “You’re getting your cereal all over you, little man,” he said in amusement. He then ran his hand through Cameron’s unruly and very curly hair.

Cameron giggled as he brought the spoon to his mouth and continued to munch on his breakfast. “Mmm…good!” was his answer and it made Jason laugh again.

“All right you,” he said tickling Cameron before heading back to the stove. “Let’s hurry so we can get you dressed. Your mommy has to be at work soon.”

Nodding, Cameron finished drinking his milk. “Jason?” he asked, raising his voice over the loud cooking.

Jason lifted the eggs out of the pan and put them on a plate, next to three pieces of bacon, and two pancakes. He then turned off the stove and turned to Cameron. “Yeah buddy?” he asked.

“Are…are you my new daddy?”


Elizabeth put a hand up to her mouth to stop the gasp, but it was too late. Both Jason and Cameron turned to her at the same time. Damn, she thought to herself. What was she supposed to tell her three year old? Yeah, your other daddy turned out to be a total maniac who cheated on your mommy and decided to get an eighteen-year-old girl pregnant? Elizabeth had been trying to avoid this conversation for the last two months, thinking it would be easier on Cameron to at least get used to Jason before finally telling him the truth. Alone of course.

Now she wasn’t going to get that luxury. For some odd reason however, Elizabeth wasn’t that upset with it. Dropping her hand, Elizabeth moved over to Jason and her son. “Cameron honey,” she started and bit her lip and looked at Jason for reassurance.

Jason ran a hand through his hair. “Umm…Cameron, what your mom is trying to say is that,” he swallowed and took a seat at the table next to the boy. “No matter what happens between your mommy and daddy…Lucky is always going be a part of your life. Are you afraid that I’m here to take your mommy away from you?”

Cameron nodded. “Like Maxie did with daddy,” he answered.

Elizabeth looked at Jason and then sat down as well. “Cameron, is that what you think happened?” she asked and at his nod, she closed her eyes. “Oh baby, I didn’t know.”

Jason put a hand over Elizabeth’s and then looked back at Cameron. “I’m not trying to take your mommy away from you, buddy. That is something I would never do, to you or to your mom. Sometimes in life, people make mistakes. When your daddy got hurt, he thought there was nothing else left for him, so he went to Maxie. He didn’t do it to hurt you or your mommy.”

“But why?” asked Cameron. Ever since his daddy had left, he had been so confused about why he had to live away from him. But then every time his daddy came home, Cameron got really scared. When Jason was around he was never scared, and Jason was nice to him. “Why did daddy leave us?”

Closing her eyes, Elizabeth felt the tears fall down her cheeks. She had never once wanted to hear Cameron say that. And now that it was happening, she couldn’t control the tears. “I don’t know Cam,” she said, her voice breaking. “He just did. But he didn’t want to hurt any of us.”

Getting out of his chair, Cameron ran over and climbed into his mommy’s lap. Laying his head down on her chest, he looked at Jason. “You not leave us?” he asked, sniffling.

Jason felt his heart tighten at Cameron’s words and he reached out, running a hand through his hair once again. “Never,” he answered. “I will never leave you and your mommy like that. I would never hurt either of you!”

It took Cameron a little while to finally nod, and then he buried his face in his mommy’s chest.

“Thank you,” whispered Elizabeth as she looked at Jason. When he reached out and cupped her cheek, she closed her eyes. Hearing Jason’s words had brought hope to her for the first time in so long. She felt like she could believe in herself. All because the man she loved was right beside her.


Emily looked up from putting her work scrubs on and smiled when she saw her best friend enter the locker room. “You’re late for work,” she said, amusement clearly in her voice.

Opening her locker, Elizabeth smiled. “It wasn’t what you think,” she said throwing her purse into it and grabbing her purple scrubs.

“Mmm…hmm,” said Emily. Shutting the door she sat down on the bench. “So that wasn’t Jason’s truck I saw outside your apartment while I was walking to work.”

Rolling her eyes, Elizabeth put on her scrubs and then sat down. “Yes he was at my apartment, but he wasn’t the reason I was late to work,” she said. At her friend’s pointed look she sighed. “Cam asked Jason if he was his new daddy.”

Emily winced and reached out and took Elizabeth’s hand. “You’ve been avoiding telling Cameron what has been going on Elizabeth. He was bound to start asking questions.”

“Yeah, I know that. But Emily he asked me why his daddy left us. I never…ever wanted to hurt him with answering that question. Hell, Jason had to answer most of the questions anyway,” she said wiping the tears that fell.

A smile appeared on Emily’s face. “My brother was there during this discussion?” she asked.

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow. “Of course he was Em,” she said. “What did you expect me to tell him to go away while we were having the conversation?”

Before Emily could respond, the door to the locker room opened and Epiphany stuck her head in. “If you two do not shut up and get out here this instant, I’m having the both of you written up for being late!” she yelled.

Both Emily and Elizabeth jumped up and hurried out of the locker room. Epiphany shook her head and followed the two women that she had been having trouble with for the past two months. They were good at their jobs, but they needed to get their heads out of the clouds soon – or otherwise it was going to be worse than just a write up.


“Jason,” said Audrey Hardy as she opened the door. She managed to smile brightly at her great-grandson and reached out and took him in her arms. “Hello Cameron, just look at you. Is that a new jacket?”

Cameron giggled as he hugged his jacket tight. “Jason got it,” he said with a bright smile.

Audrey spared a look at Jason to see that the other man was uncomfortable, but smiling at the little boy. “Oh he did, did he,” she said. “Well Jason here has great taste. This must have cost a fortune.”

Jason shrugged, pushing his hands into the pockets of his jeans. “I just wanted to get something for Cameron,” he answered simply.

“Well, I’m sure Elizabeth appreciated it,” she said before putting Cameron down. “Why don’t you go play in the living room while I have a little talk with Jason?”

Cameron nodded and waved at Jason. “Bye Jason, see you later!” he said happily, before running off.

“Bye Cameron,” he called after the little boy, and then let his eyes go to Audrey. The cold look she gave him managed to make him shiver uncomfortably. Not that she would see it.

Audrey moved so the door closed and she was in front of Jason. “Jason. I have known you for a long time, and I am glad that Elizabeth has you…for a friend,” she said. “I don’t appreciate you buying my great-grandson gifts though.”

Jason frowned. “It was just a jacket…” he started.

“And soon it will be toys, and then you’ll move in, and then you will promise him the world, and then you will leave him,” interrupted Audrey. “The simple fact that it isn’t your place to offer Cameron or my granddaughter anything. That is Lucky’s job.”

He swallowed the anger that boiled in his blood at her words, and didn’t quite manage to hide the flicker of anger that passed over his face. “I never said that I was taking Lucky’s place,” he said, his voice short and clipped.

Audrey smiled. “Good then,” she said. “Leave my poor Elizabeth and Cameron alone then. They have had enough heartache in their lives. They don’t need you adding more.”

Opening the door, Audrey stepped in and took one last look at Jason. “Leaving them is the best thing you can do for them,” she said before shutting the door.

The truth of her words hit Jason like tiny knives of ice hitting him in the chest. Jason took one look at the door and then turned and walked away. Audrey was right. He had to walk away, before he hurt Elizabeth and that little boy. Two people who were becoming the most important people in his life. Two people he did not want to ever hurt.


Elizabeth laughed as she exited the elevators with Emily, the two just coming back from lunch. “Please…tell me Spencer didn’t laugh when Nikolas landed on his butt!” she got out before both girls fell into more fits of laughter.

“He did!” cried Emily as she sat down on the couch in the waiting room. “When the tree landed behind Nikolas, Spencer thought it was the funniest thing!”

Putting a hand to her belly, Elizabeth threw her head back as the two continued to laugh. “Oh my God. I can’t imagine what that was like. Oh wait I can…Nikolas Cassadine – tree inspector.”

That got both herself and Emily laughing again. “Nikolas an inspector of anything is something to laugh about,” said Emily as she wiped her face that had tears on it. “Gosh…I can’t believe lunch is over.”

“I know,” said Elizabeth. “We barely had any time to eat!” She then looked at the time. “Damn, I promised to meet Patrick for surgery!”

Emily noticed the time as well. “And I was supposed to meet my mom for surgery like…fifteen minutes ago,” she said as she got up. “I’ll meet you tonight at Kelly’s?”

Elizabeth nodded as she got up. “Yeah, I have to pick Cameron up from Grams, but I’ll meet you there,” she said and went to move toward the elevators again when her vision went blurry and she grabbed onto the chair as a wave of dizziness hit her. “Woah…”

Turning, Emily caught her friend from falling to the floor. “I got you,” she said making Elizabeth sit down. “Liz? Hey, look at me.”

Closing and reopening her eyes a few times, Elizabeth felt her vision return and the slight nausea disappeared. Frowning, she ran a hand through her hair. “I’m okay,” she said.

Emily raised an eyebrow in concern. “Are you sure?” she asked running a hand down Elizabeth’s arm.

“Yeah,” said Elizabeth, waving off her friend’s concern with a smile. “I’m fine Emily.”

Getting up, Elizabeth was glad she didn’t feel dizzy. “I’ve got to go, I’ll see you tonight okay?” she said, already making her way to the elevators.

Emily sighed and rolled her eyes. “Okay,” she said and shook her head as her friend disappeared. That was weird, she thought to herself before heading in the opposite direction, still worried about her friend.

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