Chapter Nineteen

Alice made two trips that night. The first was to the Morgan penthouse to pick up Elizabeth’s son, Cameron for the evening.

She always enjoyed times like this when she could help a fellow friend or family member who needed time to relax, and when that member of the family was Jason? She bended over backwards just to make sure she was the first in line to help.

Not that there was really a line, maybe one or two people. And if it was a good night for Mr. Quartermaine, Edward was definitely in that line.

For the past two months Jason had been around the house a lot more, trying hard to be polite and courteous to the family, even though she sensed he felt uncomfortable there, and probably always would be.

And even though he was no longer their Jason, a trust had been formed that they would no longer try to tell Jason what to do, or who to be. He was his own man now, and he was going to be marrying Elizabeth Webber.

Not that Alice hadn’t liked the women Jason had been with, but as she drove toward the docks, she remembered the look of hope and love on Jason’s face. He literally could not take his eyes off of Elizabeth.

Even Cameron had giggled when Jason had kissed Elizabeth unexpectedly.

Her face heated at the memory of what that kiss made her feel, what it made everyone feel when they were around the future Morgan family.

“You ready to have a good time tonight with Grandma Monica?” she asked Cameron, her eyes going to the rear view mirror to look at the beautiful three-year-old boy.

Cameron giggled. “Pay wif Spencer!” he said, happily.

Alice shook her head with a smile as she parked the car. “I’m sure you’ll be doing a lot of that tonight.”

“Yay!” cried Cameron as he allowed Alice to help him from his car seat.


“Alfred, I would rather prefer that Spencer stay with us for the evening,” Emily argued as she stood on the pier. The urge to hold her son close almost overbearing.

Alfred nearly grinned at the woman, but kept the firm look in place. He had his orders, and that was that.

“I apologize, Miss Emily, but the Master has specific orders that Baby Spencer be with the Quartermaine’s this evening,” he replied, yet again, as he held the little guy in his arms.

Emily nearly pouted which sent Alfred into a fit of laughter. It even sent Spencer into giggle mode. “This is so not funny, Nikolas never mentioned this!” she cried.

“That was the orders, ma’am. And you are to return with me,” said Alfred.

“But this doesn’t make sense. Nikolas would never do this!”

“There is always a first time for everything, my dear Emily.”

Rolling her eyes, Emily immediately took Spencer away from Alfred. “I’m not going to win this, am I kiddo?”

Spencer reached up, placing his hands on her cold cheeks. “Ma,” he said.

Emily’s eyes widened. “What,” she started, but before she could finish, Alice took Spencer away from her arms.

“No wait…Alice!” she cried.

“Nope, you are going to get on that launch and you are going to have a good night with your fiancée.”

Pouting, Emily ran a hand over Spencer’s back. “But I don’t want him to go…”

“That’s too bad. Both Ms. Quartermaine and I can take care of Spencer and Cameron together.”

I am so not going to win this, she thought to herself with another sigh. “Can I at least kiss him goodnight then?” she asked.

Alice smiled and handed the baby back over and took the bags, nodding toward Alfred.

“Miss Alice,” he said with a polite nod.

“Mister Alfred.”

Emily nearly rolled her eyes and began walking back and forth with Spencer. “Okay, so both your father and I do need a night alone, but for the life of me I don’t want you to go.”

Spencer looked up at her with big, knowing eyes.

“I know I’m a complete nutcase right now, but you’ve only been away from us for one night,” Emily continued as she bounced Spencer. “But, Nikolas did this for a reason, so I need to respect his wishes. Spencer, as soon as I get to the house, I’m kicking his butt though.”

Spencer giggled.

Taking a deep breath, Emily kissed her son on the cheek before handing him to Alice. “You’ll call if you need anything. Diapers, formula, baby food, crackers…”

“Good Lord, woman! Would you go! We have this handled!” snapped Alice as she took the baby.

Cameron giggled from his spot on the bench. “Bye Auntie Em!” he cried, waving his hand.

Emily nodded, trying hard not to cry in front of all of them. “Bye, Cam,” she said, running her hand through his hair before getting onto the launch with Alfred.

When it started, she nearly jumped off, but forced herself to stay on. They needed this. She and Nikolas…needed this.

Closing her eyes, Emily breathed.


“Jason! That’s cold!” cried Elizabeth as she tried to arch away from the piece of ice he was running up the inside of her leg.

Looking up from his position at the bottom of the bed, his hand behind his head as he leisurely ran the ice up and down her legs, Jason grinned.

“You know you like it,” he said, enjoying the laughter and the growing desire in her eyes.

With dinner in the oven, Elizabeth had taken a nap. Soon after she had awoken to him and the ice cube.

He had even tried looking for the bags before he had gotten on the bed, but couldn’t, for the life of him, find them.

Elizabeth leaned back against the many pillows she had behind her head. “It’s too early to be doing this,” she said, raising her eyebrow.

“It’s never too early for this,” he growled low in his throat.

“You know what I mean Jason…we haven’t even had dinner yet,” she said with a pout.

“We’ll get to that.”

She put on a fake pout. “You would really deprive me and your unborn child of food?” she asked in a mocking tone.

Jason leaned in and placed a kiss on her belly. “Soon,” he whispered before moving the ice to the inside of her thighs.

“Oooh,” moaned Elizabeth, her back arching at the sensations he was creating in her body. “Jason, that’s…freezing.”

He grinned. “It won’t be for long if you keep that up,” he said. “I told you not to move.”

“It’s kind of hard not to, Jason. Stop that!” she laughed, trying to reach for his hand.

Jason covered his mouth over where the ice cube was and began sucking.

“Jason!” she cried, her head falling back, her hips immediately arching toward his face. “Oooh God!”

He pulled away, his eyes dark. “I told you not to move,” he stated once again.

Elizabeth could only moan. “Easier…said than done,” she replied.

A growl escaped Jason’s mouth before he started is decent into the inside of her thighs, and over her lace panties. His eyes went to her face, loving the emotions that showed there as he continued.

Her hand covered his when he dipped the ice inside her panties.

“Jason, don’t,” gasped Elizabeth, her breathing ragged and her blue eyes dark with desire.

Moving up onto his knees, Jason leaned in and captured her trembling lips with his just as he covered her with the ice cube, capturing her cries and her immediate response as her hips jerked toward his hand.

He swallowed her moans and nearly uttered his own as he felt how wet she already was for him, and how the ice just added to that wetness. Pulling his hand out, he finally dropped the ice cube on the floor, before his hand returned to her.

Breaking the kiss, Jason pulled off his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans. He then looked back to see her squirming on the bed.

“You’re being impatient,” he said, an eyebrow rising.

Elizabeth sat up and pulled off the shirt she had on. “Shut up and make love to me,” she said, right before pulling him down to her and into a deep kiss.


“This is wonderful Nikolas.”

It was the understatement of the century. Emily’s eyes glowed with wonder and amusement as she allowed her fiancée to feed her from the many entrées that had been made for them.

When she had returned home, her first intention was to hit Nikolas over the head for sending Spencer away for the evening, but when she saw the lights leading to their spot, curiosity had taken first place over her confusion.

For the next hour he was pampering her, while they talked about nothing and everything.

This is what she had been missing with him over the past two months on the Lucky Spencer roller coaster journey. Not only had they learned that Lucky and Carly were responsible for the deaths of three prominent, and very well known citizens of Port Charles, but also that they were working together to destroy the relationship that had been building between Jason and Elizabeth.

It took Nikolas the longest to understand why his brother had gone from being a detective at the PCPD, to a wanted fugitive on the run.

She was only glad that Spencer was too young to realize what his Uncle Lucky had done. But Cameron wasn’t, and that was another thing they had to all work on.

Although Cameron was fitting into the new transition of living with Jason, and him being his father, he still talked about Daddy Lucky.

It took a lot of discussions between all five of them, but Cameron finally understood what had happened to his daddy, and why he couldn’t be around him anymore.

Now everything was returning to normal, and this was the beginning of a new life with Nikolas and Spencer. And she didn’t want to ruin it by thinking of her former best friend.

“You said that already,” Nikolas’s amused tone had her shaking the thoughts from her head.

Emily lifted her glass of wine and took a drink. After swallowing she put the glass down. “Well,” she started. “It bears repeating.”

Nikolas shook his head and smiled. “We needed this. I know you are upset that Spencer isn’t here, but tonight…tonight is about us.”

“It’s just, I’m not used to him being gone for such a long period of time,” Emily admitted. “I guess I’m used to rocking him to sleep or waking up in the middle of the night to go and get him another bottle.”

Reaching over, Nikolas took her hand in his. “Things are getting hectic and we’re not going to be able to spend a lot of time together, that’s why I’m doing this. You think it’s not hard sending my son, our son, away for the evening?”

Emily’s eyes widened, shock running through her at his question. “Of course I think it’s hard. Nikolas, why would you say something like that?”

“Because I can see how hard it is for you,” he answered, honestly.

“But…I’m just your fiancée…”

“You are Spencer’s mother. The only person he really knows, Emily. He doesn’t remember Courtney, or that you and I were married once. Those are the questions we are going to have to answer one day. And I want you to be there to answer them with me.”

Emily smiled. “Really?”

Leaning in, Nikolas kissed her on the lips. “I wouldn’t have asked you otherwise.”

She laughed before taking his face in her hands. “I love you, Nikolas Cassadine. You are what makes my life whole. You and Spencer.”

“And you are what make our lives complete,” he whispered before taking her lips once more with his.


Elizabeth opened her lips to the fork held just in front of her, allowing the fruit to fall onto her tongue.

She closed her eyes and almost shivered at how sweet the fruit was, and how her body responded to being fed so…seductively by Jason.

If someone had told her over a year ago that she would be here, in Jason’s apartment, eating fruit and sharing kisses two days before her wedding? She probably would have punched them in the face, or laughed.

And the perfect part about it was, that it was all made better by the life growing inside her. Now her son had a little brother or sister to grow up with. A sibling that she knew he would protect with his life.

A smile came to her lips as she thought about the dream she had the night before, of her and Jason taking their children to the park. Of showing their new child how to toss a rock into the pond, of he or she taking their first steps.

“What are you thinking about?” asked Jason, watching her eyes move to his. He swallowed through the sudden lump in his throat.

The simple fact that he was with Elizabeth and they were raising Cameron together was enough to have him shocked. But now that a new life was growing inside of her, it made him almost giddy.

Something that was totally not Jason Morgan, if his track record had anything to say about it.

They had been through a lot in past six months, and yet they had surpassed it all to come out stronger than Jason ever thought possible. Elizabeth and Cameron moved into the penthouse, and at first he had to remember that he could do this.

That he could protect them.

Memories of Courtney and Sam had him staying up some nights, terrified that it would all go away at once, but over time it slowly began to dissipate.

Even after confronting Elizabeth with his thoughts and the realization that he could talk to her about anything, Jason managed to pull through to fear and it brought a whole new meaning to their relationship.

And made him love Elizabeth Webber even more.

Smiling, he reached out and brushed her hair behind her ear. “You are so beautiful,” he whispered.

“You keep saying that,” laughed Elizabeth, taking a piece of fruit and taking a bite of it.

“It’s true. You have managed to make me believe that a life with you was possible. That being alone wasn’t the answer,” he admitted, opening his lips as she placed the rest of the piece of fruit into his mouth.

Elizabeth smiled and shook her head. “No, you learned that on your own. But you gave me something no one else had. You gave me courage and hope. Hope for a future with you and our children, and courage to see through to it.”

“We really have come a long way haven’t we?”

“As you keep reminding me, everyday.”

“Elizabeth, seriously. I never thought this was for me. A life with you, Cameron, and our baby, and a home? I guess it’s all a bit overwhelming sometimes.”

Elizabeth snorted. “Tell me about it,” she said before taking a grape and popping it into her mouth. “You’ve been so good to me.”

Jason took her hand in his. “And you to me.”

“I so can’t wait until this wedding is over. Maybe the urge of feeling so hurried will go away,” she said lying back against his chest.

Frowning, Jason rubbed his fingers over the bulge that was beginning to show. “Do you want to postpone?” he asked.

Elizabeth turned her head. “Are you kidding me?” she asked. “I’m having dreams of walking down the aisle with you. You postpone the wedding, I’ll kick your ass.”

Jason burst out laughing.

“I’m not kidding!”

“I know you aren’t.”


“All right, all right…I won’t postpone the wedding,” Jason said with a sigh, leaning back against the pillows.

Lacing their fingers together, Elizabeth grinned. “Good.”

Kissing her on the shoulder, he hugged her close to him. “I love you, Elizabeth Webber. And I’ll marry you any day of the week.”

“And I,” said Elizabeth, giggling when he bit into her skin. “Love you too, Jason Morgan. And I would marry you now, but I think Port Charles wants that big wedding thing.”

Jason groaned. “That would be a disaster if we got married tonight.”

“That it would.”

Turning her into his arms, he kissed her gently on the lips. “You make me so happy,” he whispered.

“You do the same for me, so much,” she whispered back, her hand running down his cheek.

“I can’t wait for the day I make you my wife.”

“And I can’t wait for the day to be Mrs. Jason Morgan,” Elizabeth finished with another laugh before they kissed again.

He made her so happy.


This is so pathetic was the only thought that came to Lucky Spencer’s mind as he watched his ex-wife and her soon-to-be husband making out in the bedroom.

Of course, by the time he was done with them, there wouldn’t be a wedding or a Mr. And Mrs. Jason Morgan.

A laugh escaped him as he put down the binoculars and opened his cell phone.

“It’s me, we move in two days,” he started. “And Morgan? I want the bastard dead.”

Hanging up the phone, Lucky looked out at the darkening sky and closed his eyes.

Almost time.

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