Chapter Eighteen

Two Months Later

“Well, it’s two days before the wedding,” started Emily as she sat down at the table after pulling off her coat. She looked up and into her best friend’s eyes. “How are you feeling?”

It was a question that everyone seemed to be asking her each and every time they saw her. Of course I’m fine, Elizabeth thought to herself with a roll of her eyes. The next time somebody asked her that, however, she was going to punch them in the face.

Just out of her first trimester, but still in the high-risk category, Elizabeth had gotten used to the questions. “Are you sure living with Jason Morgan is a good idea?” or “You should really relax, Elizabeth. You look tired!”

The only thing she was tired of was the damn questions about her health. Except for a few dizzy spells and the occasional morning sickness, she was fine. In fact, she was enjoying this pregnancy much more now since she had begun to show.

Instinctively, Elizabeth placed a hand on her belly, a smile coming to her face as she felt the slight movement within her womb. This was the only day she could relax, and she really didn’t want to talk about security or even Lucky for that matter.

Over the past two months she had been living in and out of fear. Fear that Lucky would hurt Jason or Cameron. Fear that he would come after her and hurt the baby. Fear for the safety of all the people she loved.

So when Jason had come back from the PCPD the night that Carly had been arrested for the murder of Sonny Corinthos and Ric Lansing, she hadn’t been surprised when he questioned upping security.

At first she had been a bit worried. Not to mention overwhelmed by the fact that there were more guards around then she had ever been witnessed to.

Jason had taken over all of the ins and outs of the business that he and Sonny had pretty much created together. The small warehouse had become a coffee shop that was run by Max.

It was a place to remember Sonny, and also a place where Michael and Morgan could go to feel safe.

Elizabeth knew Jason still blamed himself for Sonny’s death, but at least he wasn’t bad off as he had been. He had been spending a lot more time with the boys, and had even brought them over at least once or twice a week to have dinner with them.

The way Michael and Morgan had bonded with Cameron, it had brought tears to her eyes.

“Liz?” asked Emily, breaking her friend out of her thoughts. Looking up, Elizabeth saw the worry in her friend’s eyes.

Elizabeth shook her head. “I’m fine,” she said. “I got a little more shopping done today. So I’m good.”

Putting her arms on the table, Emily leaned forward. “How are you getting along with the guards my brother set up for you?” she asked.

“Cam has them wrapped around his little finger,” Elizabeth answered with a laugh. “At first, I was worried they wouldn’t get along. But once Scott and his partner bought Cameron that bear, they have been his best friends.”

Emily put a hand to her mouth, not able to stop the giggle that escaped at the thought of her nephew taking a bunch of hard, big muscled men, and turning them into teddy bears.

Kids had that affect on grown-ups, of course.

Even Nikolas, since finding out he was Spencer’s father, had turned into a big ol’ teddy bear.

Just the thought of her fiancée and the boy that was quickly becoming her own, made her smile.

“Let me guess,” Elizabeth interrupted her train of thought, making her look at her friend. “Thinking of Spencer?”

Emily nodded. “I can’t help it, Liz. I mean really, come on! I never expected this to happen. When me and Nikolas got a divorce…I thought we were done.”

Elizabeth’s mouth curved into a smile, and she reached over clasping her friend’s hand. “Love has a funny way of sneaking up on you. Especially the after the fact one.”

“Tell me about it,” she replied, making them both laugh.

“All right, enough of this! Today is a new day. I don’t want to have to worry about inventory, guards, work, and I especially don’t want to hear about Lucky Spencer! Today is for us!”

Emily raised an eyebrow. “You want the brownies don’t you,” she asked, even though she already knew the answer.

Instead of answering, Elizabeth began to laugh even as Mike came over to take their orders.


“You need to take a break man.”

The words seemed to surprise Jason instead of angering him, which meant only one thing. He did need a break.

Running his hands over his face, Jason moved to his chair and sat down. “I don’t have time to take a break. The wedding is in two days, and I have mountains of paperwork to finish. Not to mention that our businesses are going legal now, I have to deal with bullshit from the public as well.”

Stan leaned back in his own chair, allowing his boss the moment to vent out his frustrations. The only time he never saw Jason stressed out was at home with Elizabeth.

A smile came to his face as he thought of the woman and her little boy. They had both come into Jason’s life when he needed them most. After Sam had been shot, he thought he would never see his boss happy.

Of course, the night he had with Elizabeth had led to more and now they were getting married. Jason and Elizabeth were also expecting, another miracle in the works.

If Sonny had been alive, he would be so happy for Jason.

Swallow past the lump that lodged in his throat whenever he thought about the late Sonny Corinthos, he leaned up.

“Nothing is going to happen between now and after the wedding. I can finish the paperwork. God knows I have the time for it, but you have been running on nothing but steam and anger these past two months. And it’s run out, Jase.”

Jason sighed as he leaned his head back against the chair. “I know, I know. But Spencer is out there, and I’m afraid he’s going to hurt Elizabeth and Cameron. I can’t let that happen.”

Stan nodded. “Then how about asking for help man?” he asked.

Frowning, Jason lifted his head. “What do you mean? I have asked for help.”

“No, you asked for the security to be tightened. You’ve asked for extra guards on your fiancée and her son, but you never asked for help.”

“Okay…so, maybe I do need help,” Jason admitted, looking down at his hands. “A lot.”

Stan grinned. “I’ll call Max and we’ll get to work. I am still trying to locate Lucky Spencer, and will keep that up while you are on vacation.”

Jason’s head jerked up at that. “I didn’t say…” he started.

“Do you want our help or not?”


“Do you?”

“All right, all right!” snapped Jason as he pushed himself up from the chair.

Stan grinned. “Now get the hell out of here,” he said.

A growl forced its way out of Jason’s chest. “I am!” he grumbled.

“Oh and hey, man. Take a shower and shave. You look like shit.”

“Up yours, computer geek.”

“At least I have a hobby.”

Jason turned his head. “At least I have a sex life,” he said.

“Yeah, you’re right about that…I do need a life,” said Stan, wincing when Jason slapped him on the shoulder. “And extra padding for every time you do that.”

A rare laugh spilled from Jason’s lips as he grabbed his jacket and left.

Mission accomplished, Stan said with a shake of his head and a smile as he picked up the phone.

“Hey, it’s me,” he said into the phone once the line was picked up.

“Did you get him out of the warehouse?”

“Yes, I did. Look, I really don’t think this is a good idea. I’ve never betrayed a friend before.”

“Well this time, you’re going to, Stan. If you want your mother alive and her mouth of gold moving.”

Stan sat up. “You hurt her Spencer, and I swear!” he yelled.

“You’ll what? Kill me?” he asked. “Sorry, but I have plans before I die. If you want your life to continue, you will keep Morgan away and his guard down.”

He closed his eyes. “Promise me you won’t hurt him and Elizabeth.”

“Can’t promise that. And next time you want to call me, don’t call on one of Morgan’s lines,” Lucky snapped out before he hung up the phone.

Stan hung up the phone, his shoulders slumping. What had he done? Jason Morgan had taken him in, given him a home. A place in the world.

And now, it was about to be ripped apart – again.


He hung up the phone with a smile and moved slowly from the bed and to the window.

His eyes caught a figure moving down the stairs and onto the docks. It would be so easy for him to kill Morgan, but it wasn’t time.

Lucky Spencer had waited so long for his revenge not only against the man that took away his family, but also on the woman that left him.

By the end of the day of the wedding, the future Elizabeth Morgan would be his…

And Jason Morgan would be six feet under.


The cooing from his eleven-month-old son, nearly melted Nikolas’ heart as he put him down for his late afternoon nap.

Nikolas had planned a romantic dinner for just him and Emily before the chaos that was going to be Jason and Elizabeth’s wedding took over.

So when Emily had said she would be having dinner and going shopping with Elizabeth, he had worked very closely with Alfred in making dinner and setting up the picnic, which would be outside.

Alice would be by to pick up Spencer. Both her and Monica would be watching him for the evening.

Leaning in, Nikolas kissed his son on the forehead. “I love you baby,” he whispered. “You have made my life so complete. You even brought Emily back to me.”

Spencer reached up, running his small hand over his father’s face. “Da,” he said, not completely getting the word daddy out just yet.

“That’s right, buddy. I’m your daddy,” said Nikolas, kissing his son again. “And you need a nap. Then Alice is going to take you over and pamper you with Grandma Monica.”

A giggle from Spencer gave him hope that he would be a good little boy for the evening. Especially since Alice was fitting him for his outfit to the wedding.

He nearly rolled his eyes in thought about that.

“You sleep buddy. I got to get ready for a date with your mommy,” he explained as he leaned up.

“Ma,” said Spencer watching his father stop to look at him with wide eyes. He only giggled in response.

Nikolas raised his eyebrow. “You better be glad she wasn’t here to hear that. Otherwise you would have lipstick all over your face.”

Yawning, Spencer pulled the bear that his Uncle Jason had given him and closed his eyes.

Shaking his head, Nikolas slipped out of the room. He had plans to prepare.


The place smelled wonderful.

Elizabeth nearly moaned in delight as she slipped into the penthouse and closed the door, three large bags in her hands.

“Jason?” she called out, smiling when she heard the sound of metal hitting metal in the kitchen.

Sitting the bags down, she kicked off her heels and headed into the kitchen, smiling when she saw her son strapped in his chair and eating.

“Isn’t it a little too early for him to be eating?” she asked.

Jason turned his head at the same time Cameron did, and the smiles they both gave her nearly melted her heart.

I am so lucky, she thought to herself, almost shaking her head again.

“Momma, Daddy take me to Gamma Moni’s,” answered Cameron before stuffing more potatoes and broccoli parmesan into his mouth.

Elizabeth nodded slowly, a look of amusement on her face. “Oh really,” she said, her eyes going to Jason as he walked toward her.

Jason pulled her against his chest and leaned down, capturing her lips with his in a deep kiss. Before she could respond, he broke it. Leaning his head against hers.

“Monica called this afternoon. She wanted to take Cameron, thinking he might have fun with Spencer,” Jason explained as he rubbed a hand over her belly.

Their child’s immediate movement made them both smile.

Kissing him gently, Elizabeth pulled away. “That’s good, because tonight…I want it just to be us,” she said, sneaking one of her son’s goldfish off the table and headed into the living room.

Jason followed, his eyes going to the bags by the desk. “What did you get?” he asked, instinctively reaching for one.

“Nah uh!” cried Elizabeth, snatching the bags away. “It’s a surprise!”

Raising an eyebrow, Jason folded his arms. “You know I don’t like surprises.”

A grin spread across Elizabeth’s face. “Well, Jason, you’ll definitely like this surprise,” she said. “And besides, with the wedding so close – we’re going to need all the alone time we can get.”

Jason watched her begin to walk up the stairs.

“Will you at least give me a hint of what’s in the bag?” he asked.

Elizabeth stopped, turning her head. And giving him one of the hottest looks he had ever seen.

He cursed as he felt his body’s response.

“It’s a secret, until tonight.”


“Tonight, Jason.”

“What time?”

“After you make a fabulous dinner.”

“You promise?”


Jason smiled, watching her walk up the stairs. He then headed back into the kitchen.

He couldn’t wait for tonight.

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