Chapter Sixteen

His nerves were on edge, which was unusual for Jason.

Frowning, he pushed the feelings aside as he turned onto a dirt road and stopped his truck. Looking at the map, he sighed. The cabin should have been right where he was, but there was nothing.

Slapping the map back against the seat, Jason closed his eyes as his head fell back. He had to get it together.

Licking his lips and trying to push down the frustration, Jason opened his eyes and turned the key in the ignition. He then shifted back into drive and the car began moving down the dirt road.

Why the hell am I so damn nervous, he asked himself. It’s not as if I haven’t seen her in years.

Which is precisely how he felt when it came to Elizabeth. Even though she had been gone for a day and a half, it felt as if she had been gone longer then that.

Jason took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Count to ten, his brain told him. He felt like giving his conscious the middle finger and slammed on the gas, moving the truck faster, dust collecting behind him.

He slowly eased up on the gas when he saw the car. Elizabeth, his brain immediately registered. Coming to a stop next to her car, he turned off the ignition and sat there.

What now? Did he just sit here and wait? Should he get out and go in?

And once he was in, what was he going to do? Would he grab her and kiss her? Would he grab Cameron and hug him? Did they want that? Did they even want him here?

“Damn it!” he yelled at himself, hitting the wheel of his truck hard.


“Shit!” cried Elizabeth as she turned off the oven quickly, pulling out the burnt chicken. “Ugh!”

Throwing the chicken into the sink, she kicked the oven shut and then cursed as pain ran up her leg. “Ow!” she cried.

Cameron giggled from the doorway, his bear tucked neatly against his side.

“This is not funny, baby!” she cried, hopping on her good leg before grabbing onto the counter. “Did you wash up?”

Cameron nodded. “Mommy funny,” he said with another giggle.

Rolling her eyes, Elizabeth pushed her hair back. “Yeah,” she said, breathless. “Mommy’s funny. She burnt dinner.”

“Uh-oh,” said Cameron. “Daddy Jason gonna laugh.”

Elizabeth nodded, knowing that was exactly what Jason was going to do. But would he be mad that she burnt dinner? Would he be mad that she left with Cameron? Would he even want to eat?

Sighing again, Elizabeth walked out of the kitchen. “Why don’t you go play in the living room? I’m going to go get cleaned up. Maybe then I can cook something that won’t burn.”

“’kay, Mommy!” giggled Cameron as he ran into the living room.

Heading toward the stairs, Elizabeth grabbed onto the railing to go up, when a knock sounded at the door.

Her eyes widened and she looked down at herself. “Oooh, God. This is so not happening,” she said, making a face. When she heard her son crying out Jason’s name she knew it was happening.

Walking to the door, she met her son and slowly opened it. His expression was one of nervousness. It quickly changed to amusement a moment later when he got a good look at her.

“Don’t ask,” she muttered, mostly to herself than Jason.

“Daddy Jason!” cried Cameron as he launched his body at Jason.

Elizabeth watched as he caught her son and lifted him into his arms. Smiling, she kept the door open. “Why don’t you two talk while I go get cleaned up?”

Jason hugged Cameron close and then hoisted him on his hip. “Go ahead and take your time…I’ll fix dinner,” he said, trying hard not to laugh.

“Mommy burnt the chicky,” said Cameron, his eyes wide as he told Jason.

Elizabeth glared at her son. “Traitor,” she muttered to herself as she headed upstairs.

Jason stopped her with his hand, and both of them looked down at the same time.

“Uhm…” started Jason.

“I should go get ready,” said Elizabeth, swallowing through the dryness in her mouth.

Jason nodded. “You might want to wash your hair,” he added pulling his hand back, even though he wanted nothing more then to take her into his arms.

Elizabeth made a face. “That bad?” she asked.


Groaning, Elizabeth headed up the stairs, ignoring the twin laughs from Jason and her son.


“Daddy Jason, I glad you here,” Cameron began as he played with his two trains.

Even though he bashed them together most of the time, Cameron seemed to find an interesting way how to use them. Which surprised Jason to no end.

Smiling, he ran a hand through Cameron’s curly locks. “I’m glad I am too,” he replied.

Cameron looked up. “I was mad at Mommy, she said you not come here,” he continued, a pout forming on his mouth.

Jason had to control the slight anger that rushed through him as Cameron revealed what happened in the car and at the diner.

“Cameron, you shouldn’t have run from your mother,” he said, raising his eyebrow before moving back to the stove to check on the potatoes. Covering them, he walked back over to where Cameron sat.

“I know, Daddy…but I wanted you here wif us,” replied Cameron as he looked down at the table.

Lifting his chin with his finger, Jason smiled. “I’m here with you now,” he said gently.

Cameron smiled and then launched back into Jason’s arms, wrapping his small arms around Jason’s neck.

Tears came to Jason’s eyes as he held the little boy that had steadily over time attached his heart around his little finger. He’s my son, thought Jason as he tried to control the tears that slid down his face.


The hot, steamy water rushed down her body making the muscles in her neck and back begin to relax.

Closing her eyes, Elizabeth leaned her head back, allowing the water to rush over her hair, soaking it. Blindly, she reached for the shampoo she had put in the shower with her about ten minutes ago and quickly opened it.

The lavender and jasmine scent filled her senses and she quickly lathered it through her hair, moaning as the scent filled her entire being.

After washing the shampoo out of her hair, she quickly lathered it with conditioner before washing it out.

Opening her eyes, she reached for the body wash that had the same scent as the shampoo and conditioner, and gasped when a draft of cold swept through the shower. Her eyes went to the door and saw Jason standing there.

“Jason…” she whispered, her eyes widening. Elizabeth felt like covering herself, but the look on his face told her otherwise.

Biting her lip, Elizabeth reached for the body wash. “I’m almost done,” she said. And when he didn’t say anything, or close the door she shivered. “Jason its freezing!”

Jason’s head lifted to the door he stood just outside of, some of the water getting onto his shirt.

“The water’s hot,” he said, finally uttering the first word since entering the bathroom.

He had come up here to talk to her, to ask her why she had left, to ask her how she could hurt Cameron? How could she have hurt him? But when he caught sight of her body through the glass, he couldn’t speak.

In fact, all thoughts seemed to rush from his mind to travel along with his blood down to another part of his anatomy.

Jason wanted her. Wanted to take what was his and never let go. But he also wanted to punish her, to make her realize she had made a mistake.

Swallowing, he licked his lips unconsciously.

That one look, with him licking his lips and those blue eyes dark with anger and desire had Elizabeth gripping the body wash in her hand so hard that it could have split open the side.

Feeling the desire rush down her spine to warm parts of her that craved his touch, his lips, and much, much more had her grabbing the wall for support.

“Jason, close the door,” she gasped out, her body shaking, but not from the cold.

Taking one step into the shower, he closed the door.

“Happy?” he asked, his voice edgy, hard.

Elizabeth swallowed. “I was almost done…” she whispered, her eyes going to his.

Taking her shoulders in his hands, he pressed her against the wall. “Why did you do it?” he growled, before pressing his own body against hers. Not letting her have a chance to get away. He made that mistake before, not again. Never again.

“I was scared Jason,” she said. “My Grandmother was murdered and…all I wanted to do was…”

“Run?” Jason snapped out.

Elizabeth shook her head. “No…I didn’t…I wanted to understand what was going on, but…”

“You ran instead.”

She nodded. “I never met to hurt you, especially Cameron. He’s so young and he thought you hated him.”

Jason’s eyes narrowed. “You made him think that?” he asked.

“Of course not!” snapped Elizabeth, anger rushing through her at his words. “What kind of mother do you think I am?”

“A mother that would do anything to keep her son safe…away from me.”

Elizabeth glared at him. “I would never keep him away from you, Jason! He loves you!”

Moving in closer, Jason rubbed his cheek against hers. It only made the desire in her rise and she almost cursed him for having that affect on her.

“You have funny way of showing it,” he growled into her ear.

Rolling her eyes, she pushed at his chest, feeling the shirt that clung to him like a second skin. “I told you I was sorry!” she yelled. “What more do you want?”

Jason felt another growl growing inside his chest, trying to force its way out. He knew that growl. It was one of want, need. And that need was to take what was his.

Moving his hand down her arm, he heard her intake of breath and closed his eyes, taking it in along with her scent.

“I want everything,” he whispered.

Elizabeth gasped. “Jason…” she started, but bit her lip when he gripped her by her hip.

Moving his face across hers, he looked down into her eyes. “I need you, Elizabeth.”

Unconsciously, Elizabeth moved her hands down his chest pulling on the shirt. “What about Cam?” she asked.

“He’s playing with his trains.”

Elizabeth nearly rolled her eyes. , she thought. Whenever he had the trains, it took almost a full hour to get him away from it to eat.

“Great,” she muttered, mostly to herself.

Jason felt his mouth begin to curve, his hand caressing her hip, then moving up to cup one of her breasts in his hand.

“Jason!” cried Elizabeth, her head falling back against the wall. Her back arched when he rubbed a thumb across her hardened nipple.

Leaning in, he nipped at the skin of her neck. “You smell good,” he moaned, the familiar scent of what he could only guess was lavender filling his senses, along with the scent that was only Elizabeth.

Elizabeth could only moan out a response, her hands lifting the soaked t-shirt up and over his head. When he looked down at her, she offered him a smile.

So beautiful, Jason thought, his hand moving up to cup the back of her head. “I’m warning you now…I’m not going to be gentle,” he growled.

“Are you ever?” asked Elizabeth.

“Well, there was that one time when I took you on a picnic,” said Jason, moving closer.

Elizabeth licked her lips. “You heard no complaints from me that night,” she replied.

Letting his eyes go to her full and almost pouty lips, Jason growled again. It was the last shred of control he had before his lips came down on hers so hard; both of them shook from the force of it.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Elizabeth pressed her bare body against his. Opening her lips to his tongue, she leaned back against the wall, taking him with her.

Jason moved his hands over her body, loving the sounds that came from her as he cupped her breasts in his hands. Everything about Elizabeth had him hardening in his jeans, so much that it became almost unbearable.

Taking his lips from hers, he opened his eyes to look down at her as he popped the button on his jeans and once the zipper was down he left them fall to the tub, quickly discarding them.

“I hope you brought more clothes with you,” laughed Elizabeth.

Jason shrugged. “I’ll wear a towel,” he said, right before pulling her against his chest.

Elizabeth nearly moaned as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Easy access,” she whispered, her lips near his.

“I love the way you think, Elizabeth Webber,” he said, his hands reaching down to cup her ass in his hands.

“Jason?” asked Elizabeth, her voice breathless.


“Shut up,” she said before pulling his head down and taking his lips with hers.

Jason moaned as he responded, once again pushing her against the wall. He then lifted her so she could wrap her legs around him.

Not wanting to wait another minute, he thrust deeply into her in one hard thrust that had them both crying out into each other’s mouths.

Swallowing her cries, Jason began to thrust in and out of her. Feeling her muscles slowly begin to tighten over him.

Ripping her mouth from his, Elizabeth moved her lips down to his neck, biting and sucking at his skin as she pressed her hips down onto him harder.

“Jason,” she moaned, her nails digging into his shoulders. “More.”

More, Jason felt his mind throw back at him. Turning off the water, he opened the door, not caring that they were trudging water. He had closed and locked the door when he had come into Elizabeth’s room.

Crossing to the bed, he laid her on it, not giving her a chance to move as he began to thrust into her again.

“Ooooh!” cried Elizabeth, lifting her hips to meet his. “Jason!”

Her cries spurred him on. Lifting a leg up onto his shoulder, Jason shifted and began to pound inside of her.

Elizabeth screamed, gripping the sheets on the bed as she arched her back. “Jason!” she cried.

“Scream it baby…scream my name,” he growled, knowing she was close.

“Oooh, God!” moaned Elizabeth, throwing her head back as he thrust harder and deeper. “Yeah…like that…oooh like that baby!”

“Beth…” he moaned, feeling the edge come even closer.

Elizabeth’s eyes opened when he called her that and then suddenly she was screaming again.

Jason closed his eyes tightly as he spilled deeply into her, capturing her cries with his mouth. He felt her body convulse under his, and knew she was coming.

When he collapsed on her, Elizabeth gasped, her body shivering.

“Jason,” she whispered, feeling him turn them so they were on their sides.

“Shh,” he whispered back, holding her.

She felt the tears even before they came. Burying her head in Jason’s shoulder, she let the sobs escape as he held her.


It took a little longer for them to move away from each other, even after Jason had slowly made love to her again after the sobs had subsided.

Dinner the second time had not burnt and as they sat down at the table eating and talking, Elizabeth watched her son and Jason as they ate. The laughter had her shaking her head.

How could she had left Jason? How could she have taken her son away from the only father figure he had left in this world?

Elizabeth felt the lump build in her throat and forced herself to calm down. She wouldn’t cry, not now. She had almost lost everything – but somehow, someway, it didn’t disappear.

Every man in her life, one way or another, had disappeared. Lucky had been presumed dead after he disappeared, Jason had left those two times…or had it been three? Either way, Jason had left her. Then, Lucky came back, but wasn’t the same Lucky. That one night with Zander had been wonderful.

He had given her a child. And now he was dead, but Elizabeth would always be grateful to him for giving her Cameron.

Ric’s anger had been the turning point in their marriage, and she had been so careful when she had gotten back with Lucky. Elizabeth thought it would work out, that their love for each other could last through anything.

Then, one night changed everything. One night had led her into Jason’s arms…and into his heart.

Hurting him had been the last thing she had ever wanted to do. The last thing she had ever wanted to do to her son, and herself. Since leaving Port Charles only days before had left Elizabeth in a state she never wanted to venture into again.

Yes, her Grandmother had been murdered, and so had Sonny. And she knew the killer would be caught, but she wasn’t going to hide away anymore.

She wanted to be with Jason, she wanted a life with him. Her, Jason, Cameron, and the baby.

The baby. Elizabeth smiled as she ran a hand over the slight lump on her belly that wasn’t recognizable at the moment.

After Cameron had been born, she never entertained the thought of having another baby. Hadn’t had the time because she had a child to support.

But now, she could have a future with Jason, and she was never going to give that up.


“Liz?” asked Jason; making Elizabeth look up to see both her son and the man she loved looking at her.

“Yeah?” she asked, brushing her slightly wet hair behind her ear.

Frowning, Jason reached over and put a hand over hers. “You all right?” he asked.

Elizabeth smiled and nodded. “I thought I lost you when I took Cameron and came here. Jason, I am so sorry…”

“Hey,” Jason interrupted, moving from his chair to squat next to hers. “No more apologizing.”

“I’m sorry…”


“I’m sorry, Jason…I really am!” she laughed, enjoying the look of annoyance in his eyes. “I really, really, really am sorry.”

Nodding slowly, Jason gripped her hand. “And I forgive you,” he said.

“Me too!” said Cameron before stuffing more potatoes into his mouth.

Making a face, Elizabeth reached over to wipe his mouth. “Eat slowly baby or you’ll get a stomachache.

Cameron nodded even as he crammed more potatoes into his mouth.

Both Elizabeth and Jason laughed.


“Will you marry me?”

Elizabeth felt the book she had been reading to Cameron fall from her hands. Cringing, she looked down at her sleeping son, then at Jason.

“What?” she whispered.

Swallowing, Jason moved so he was sitting on the edge of the bed. He took her hand in his, the other going to her belly.

Opening his mouth, Jason had to take a deep breath before he could talk again.

“A year ago, if someone told me that I would nearly lose Sam to a gunshot…then see her sleeping with Ric,” he started, closing his eyes. “And then have you come into my life like you did that night. God, Elizabeth…”

Moving closer, Elizabeth took his face in her hands. “If someone had told me that I would lose my husband, only to fall in love with the one man I could count on being my friend…I think I would have laughed.”

Jason nodded, opening his eyes. “I wouldn’t have believed it.”

“But it happened, Jason. And look at us now. Something horrible has happened to both of us, but…we’re surviving it,” she said, smiling up at him. When he looked at her, she was surprised to see the tears in his eyes.

“We lost so much time together,” he whispered.

Elizabeth placed her finger on his lips. “I don’t regret that we never got together back then…because I wouldn’t have Cameron here. You wouldn’t have been with Courtney or Sam. They gave you something that at that time…I really couldn’t give you. It took me a long time to understand it, but now I do.”

Jason swallowed. “What’s that?”

“Unconditional trust…and love,” she said, smiling. “I know you will do everything in your power to keep me, Cameron, and the baby safe. That’s how much I believe in you, and our love for each other.”

“God…” said Jason, leaning into her touch. “I love you, Elizabeth.”

Smiling, Elizabeth leaned in and kissed him before pulling back. “I love you too…and yes,” she answered.

“Yes, what?” he asked.

Elizabeth laughed and shook her head. “Yes, I will marry you, nerd!”

Jason began laughing, tears running down his face as he held her close. “I love you so much!”

“I love you too, Jason!”

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