Chapter Fourteen

“Have you even considered that she may not want to be found?” asked Stan, looking up from the letter that Jason had given to him.

He watched his boss, and friend, move around the penthouse. If Stan was brave enough, he would have told Jason he looked like crap. Of course, he didn’t feel like dealing with his boss’s wrath, so he kept his mouth shut on that topic.

Through all the years that he had known Jason, and had experienced his relationships, none of them had hit him the hardest as Elizabeth’s. Stan shook his head in sympathy as he continued to watch Jason pace.

I would be in the same situation if I had someone like that, he thought to himself. Stan once again thanked God for there not being anyone in his life. He had his mother to deal with, and now this?

Stan had been shocked when he found out Sonny had been murdered this evening. He had been surprised when Jason had asked him to look for Elizabeth and not start searching for Sonny’s killer.

Not that he was complaining, he could do that while trying to locate Elizabeth, but he was worried more about Jason at the moment.

“Look, Stan. I asked you to do me a favor, not ask questions,” snapped Jason as he continued to pace. Once again, he ran his hands through his hair.

Stan licked his lips and nodded. He then stood. “Do you need anything?” he asked.

Jason stopped and glared at the man. “Just for you to do your job!” he yelled in answer.

Nodding, Stan picked up his ever-present laptop and headed toward the door. “You got it, boss.”


Stan stopped and turned. “Yeah?”

“I’m sorry…I’m just…” Jason started.

Once again, Stan nodded and offered Jason a smile. “We’re going to find her. And then we’re going to find out who killed Sonny. I got everything handled and our men are at the house cleaning out everything.”

Jason knew what he meant by cleaning it out. Even though Sonny never brought his dealings home because of Michael and Morgan, that didn’t mean there wasn’t stuff there. He would let Milo deal with it.

Michael, he thought as he closed his eyes, hearing the door shut silently. The poor guy had been through so much and now his father was dead.

Swallowing, Jason walked over to the phone and went to pick up. He then had second thoughts and walked over to the shelf by the pool table.

Sliding open the door, he pulled out a bottle of tequila and opened it. Without pouring it into a glass, Jason drank from the bottle. He felt the burn as the alcohol slid down his throat.

Michael needed him but Jason honestly couldn’t find the strength to get up and go to him. He would tomorrow.

Walking over to the couch, Jason slid down and leaned back. He took another long drink from the bottle, allowing his eyes to close.


The morning sun was beautiful, but almost blinding to her as she navigated the car off of the highway and into the parking lot of a gas station.

Elizabeth let out a sigh of relief when she saw the building next door. A sign with the name Dolly’s Dinner nearly made her smile.

Turning off the ignition, she turned in her seat and smiled down at her sleeping son who was covered by a blanket. “Baby boy,” she said gently, caressing his cheek with her hand. “It’s time to wake up baby.”

She smiled as Cameron opened his eyes and looked up at her. “Hey there, little guy. Good morning,” she announced.

“Morning momma,” said Cameron, his voice thick with sleep as he rubbed his little fists over his eyes. He then sat up in the car and frowned. “We there yet?”

Elizabeth shook his head. “No not yet, honey. We still have a couple of hours,” she answered. “We need to get some gas and then I thought we could get some breakfast.”

Cameron sat up even more, bouncing at the thought of having breakfast. “Can I have chocolate milk?” he asked.

“You sure can, pumpkin! Now come on, let’s get some gas and get cleaned up.”

Giggling, Cameron allowed his mother to help him from the backseat of the car. He helped his mother pump the gas, as she called it, and went to the bathroom with her.

After getting cleaned up and changed from his nightclothes, Cameron held his mommy’s hand as they entered the diner. Not paying attention as his mommy talked to the waitress, he looked around his eyes going to the men that sat in the diner.

The diner was filled with daddies, and no mommy’s.

Cameron frowned at that and hurried after his mommy. Slipping into the seat, he had to use a booster seat to be able to see over the table. He didn’t like that. He was a big boy; big boys don’t used booster seats anymore.

“Mommy, when is Daddy Jason coming?”

She was afraid he would ask her that. In fact, she had been hoping he wouldn’t ask her that until they got to the cabin, however her son always surprised her.

Swallowing, Elizabeth leaned forward, putting her hands on the table. “Cam…baby. Daddy Jason won’t be coming to join us,” she finally said.

Frowning, Cameron shook his head in confusion. “But you said…” he started.

“I know what I said, baby. And, I’m sorry that I lied to you.”

“You lied?”

It was those words that made her want to run for the bathroom to puke. Or was it the smell of eggs. Managing to swallow the nausea, Elizabeth nodded.

“Yes, mommy lied. And she’s sorry. But there’s some stuff that is happening, and Jason can’t be with us.”

Cameron’s eyes filled with tears. “B-but you promised, Momma. You say Daddy Jason be with us.”

Elizabeth closed her eyes. “I know baby,” she said. “It’s just…Daddy Jason is busy.”

“He don’t love us anymore!” cried Cameron.

“No…Cameron, that’s not true!”

Cameron began to cry. “He no love us anymore!” he cried, moving out of his booster seat and running out of the diner.

“Cameron!” yelled Elizabeth, grabbing her purse as she got up. She ran after her son. “Cameron!”

He kept running, tears falling down his cheeks. When he was grabbed he began to fight. “No! Let me down!” he yelled.

Elizabeth pulled him against her chest. “Cameron stop it!” she yelled, trying to calm her son.

“No! I want Daddy Jason!” he screamed.

“He’s not here, damn it!” yelled Elizabeth and when he stopped fighting she turned him in her arms, holding him close. “Oh God…Cameron!”

Cameron hit her on the arm, his bottom lip coming out. “Momma said bad word!”

Closing her eyes, Elizabeth nodded. “Yeah, Momma said bad word.”

“Momma not say bad word again!”

Elizabeth nodded once more. “No say that bad word again,” she repeated.

Folding his arms across his chest, Cameron managed to get to his feet. “No hungry anymore!”

“Cameron, baby, you have to eat,” she said, raising an eyebrow at the way he was talking.

Cameron lifted his chin. “No. Hungry. Anymore!”

Anger rushed through her and she got to her knees putting him in front of her. “Cameron Webber, now you stop that immediately!”

His eyes widened, and then the tears returned, making her heart tighten.

“Now, you are going to go in there. You’re going to eat breakfast and then we’re going to leave, have I made myself clear, mister?” Elizabeth snapped out the last part.

Cameron’s bottom lip began trembling. “Yes, Momma.”

Her eyes lightened a little. “Now, how about we have some breakfast, huh?”

Cameron nodded. “Okay, Momma,” he said taking her hand once she was up.

Elizabeth sighed and looked toward the sky, shaking her head. Not only had she lost her Grandmother and Jason, now her son was mad at her.

What was next?


Carly was shaking as she removed her hands from her face. She turned her head to the left and nearly vomited at the sight that lay next to her.

“Oh my God…” she cried, jumping from the bed.

The body of her lover lay lifeless on the bed, blood gushing from the wound on his forehead.

“Oh my God,” she cried again, her eyes going to Lucky. “You bastard! You had to shoot him while I was in the bed?”

Lucky shrugged, a smile that was as intimidating as his attitude toward killing another human being, on his face. “Well, you asked for it when you slept with him.”

Carly glared at him as she pulled the sheet closer around her. “What the hell was I supposed to do? Let you rot in lock-up?”

“I would have gotten out of there eventually,” said Lucky with another shrug. “Get dressed. We need to get out of here.”

“What about Ric?” she asked.

Lucky raised an eyebrow. “He’s dead Carly, I don’t think he’s worried about going anywhere.”

She offered him another glare before moving toward the bathroom. “I’ll be out in a minute.”

“Make it five. You look like shit.”

Carly’s curse made Lucky smile as he turned and walked into the living room, the gun still in his hand.


“Jason!” laughed Elizabeth as she was grabbed around the waist and hoisted up into the love of her life’s arms.

“You’re going to regret that!” yelled Jason as he pulled her toward the stairs.

She screamed in laughter as she placed more chocolate pie against his shirt. “You started it!” she retorted.

Jason stopped and looked at her from over his shoulder. “You know what?”


“You’re right, I did start it,” he said before running up the stairs.

Elizabeth laughed as she tried to kick her way free. “Jason no!” she cried grabbing onto the edge of the bathroom door, but it was too late.

Jason tugged her into the shower with him, turning it on. Her scream made her laugh as he pulled her against his chest, the water falling all around them.

“This is for throwing the cake at my face!” he yelled, holding on tight, but not too tight. Just enough to keep her close to him.

Elizabeth laughed. “It didn’t hit you!” she yelled back.

He grinned. “I know, but it could have, that’s the point!” he announced.

Moving to get free, she giggled. “That doesn’t make any sense, Jason!”

As she moved, the smile slowly fell from his face as he felt her small body against his.


Elizabeth didn’t stop. “Let me go!” she laughed.

Jason groaned and leaned his forehead against the back of her head.

His breath against her neck felt so good. Closing her eyes, Elizabeth wiggled again.

“Don’t do that,” he moaned.

“Then let me go.”


Elizabeth wiggled again.

“Damn it, Elizabeth. You have to work tonight,” he groaned, tightening his hold.

“I know,” she whispered, feeling him turn her.

Looking up at him, Elizabeth brought her hand up to cup his face in her hand. “I love you,” she said with a smile. “Even with cake in your hair.”

Jason raised an eyebrow. “Well, I guess I love you too,” he teased.

“You guess?” asked Elizabeth, feigning a look of shock. “You guess you love me?”

Smiling, Jason leaned in moving his lips over her neck. “Mmm, you have icing on your neck,” he growled.

Elizabeth felt her eyes close. “Hey, we were discussing you guessing you loved me!” she said, the last part coming out as a moan as her head fell back.

“So sweet,” he moaned, pulling her against him. Allowing her to feel how hard he was for her. “My sweet Elizabeth.”



Jason jerked awake, the empty bottle falling from his hand and onto the floor. Looking up, he glared at his sister.

“What time is it?” he asked, sitting up.

Emily raised an eyebrow suddenly glad she had stopped off at Kelly’s to get two cups of steaming coffee. Even if hers had accidentally spilled in the car.

She growled at that thought before shoving the cup at Jason. “It’s past nine,” she answered as she pulled off her coat and tossed it onto the chair.

Opening his mouth, Jason made a face. He never slept past six. Frowning, he took a drink of the coffee feeling it burn the back of his throat, much like the tequila did, as it went down.

“Thanks,” he managed to get out before taking another sip.

Emily laughed. “Thanks?” she snapped out. “Is that it?”

Raising an eyebrow, Jason frowned again, this time toward his sister. “What do you want? A medal?”

Her eyes widened, and Jason cringed knowing a fight was about to start. The pounding in his head made him want to run for the bathroom, but he didn’t.

This was just another reminder of why Elizabeth was not in his life.

“A medal?” yelled Emily, not caring when her brother cringed. Served him right for getting drunk while they were trying to search for Elizabeth, and also find out who had killed Sonny. “How dare you!”

“How dare I…what, Emily?” he snapped, getting irritated as he set his coffee down to rub his temples. A migraine was growing.

Emily snatched his hands away from his head. “Look at me, damn it!” she snapped. “I don’t care what you are going through, but snap the hell out of it before I punch you in the nose!”

Jason glared at her in anger. “You know what, you don’t know what I am going through!” he yelled back.

“Oh I don’t? My best friend and her son are missing. The man I had loved is now dead and you are doing nothing about it!” she practically screamed at him.

Standing, Jason moved in close. “I am trying to do everything I can to find Elizabeth,” he snapped, not even wanting to think of his dead friend.

Emily laughed. “Yeah, right. And drinking is helping find Elizabeth and Cam?”

“Will you get off my back?” yelled Jason as he moved past her and headed toward the kitchen.

“The hell I will! You know what…this is why you don’t deserve Elizabeth and Cameron!” yelled Emily. “You sit here, you wallow in your self-pity and you push yourself away from the only thing that was going right in your life!”

Jason stopped, his back to his sister. “That’s enough.”

Shaking her head, Emily made a sound of frustration. “It is never enough. So why don’t you go ahead and continue to drink. Maybe then you can ruin what was good in your life.”

“Go away!” he yelled, turning to her.

Emily sighed and closed her eyes. She then picked up her coat and purse. “You know, you were right. You don’t deserve her. You don’t even deserve that baby that’s growing inside her right now.”

He felt like he had been shot. Jason watched as his sister walked away, the door slamming open and shut in one movement.

Leaning heavily against the pool table, he tried to catch his breath.


The trees surrounded the small two-story cabin. Roses were beginning to bloom in the front yard.

It made Elizabeth’s nerves begin to settle and she smiled, turning off the engine.

“What do you think Cam?” she asked, turning to her son who sat quietly in the backseat.

Cameron looked up and then around. “I can’t see, Momma,” he said with a frown.

That made Elizabeth laugh and she got out of the car, pulling Cameron out. “I’m sorry, buddy. Now…what do you think?”

Looking up the house, Cameron felt his eyes widen. He then let his eyes travel to the small rose garden and the tall trees. “I like Mommy!” he said with a bright smile.

Elizabeth almost let out a sigh of relief as she rubbed a hand through his hair. “Great!” she said. “You can play in the yard!”

“You mean, I don’t have to go to the park?” he asked, his eyes widening even more.

Letting out another laugh, Elizabeth nodded. “Yes you can, and you know what?”

“What, Mommy?”

“I think there’s even a puppy the people that keep up the house bring every time they come out.”

“Wow!” cried Cameron in delight. He began to jump. “I want to see puppy!”

Elizabeth smiled and stood, then felt a wave of exhaustion run through her. “How about we go inside and look around?” she asked. And find a bed quickly, she thought to herself as she began to lead her son in that direction.

“Okay, Mommy!” said Cameron. “Let’s go!”

Shaking her head, Elizabeth couldn’t help but smile as she followed her son.

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