Chapter Thirteen

Ric Lansing.

A man who had become the district attorney of Port Charles, New York – a man who prided himself on ridding the town of the mob.

Everyone knew he was the half-brother of Sonny Corinthos. Knew that Lansing was a man not to be crossed.

Like every political diplomat, Ric had a past as dirty as they came. He had come to Port Charles with the intent to kill his brother for being the one that took their mother away from him. Instead, he found love in a young Elizabeth Webber.

However, his rage could not be undone. When Elizabeth miscarried the child they had created together, Ric decided the only way they would have a child together was if he stole one.

So, when Carly was pregnant with Morgan, he kidnapped her and kept her in a panic room in his home. Elizabeth, of course, found this out.

His perfect little plan went down the drain, and he had no one to blame but Jason Morgan.

Getting in his brother’s good graces had taken longer than he had hoped it would. By the end of it, however, he realized that he could never get Sonny to like him.

In fact, he didn’t want Sonny to like him anymore. He just wanted the bastard in the ground.

When Lucky needed help to get Elizabeth away from Jason, he was only too willing to help him, but on one condition. And that was Carly.

Shutting the door, he shook his head at the pitiful look on Spencer’s face.

“Let me guess, Morgan’s handiwork?” he asked although he knew the answer.

Lucky glared at him. “How long will it take you to get me out of here?”

“Patience Spencer. It takes a while to get a judge to grant bail.”

“Yeah, right. It took Corinthos and Morgan’s lawyer three minutes to get them out.”

“Well, I’m not Diane now am I?”

Sighing, Lucky sat back in his chair. “I swear, if I wasn’t cuffed to this table I would wrap my hands…”

Ric’s eyes narrowed in anger. “Hold it there, Spencer. You asked me for help.”

“And what a banged up job you’re doing! I’m still here!”

“Do you want to get out of here?”

“I think that is very obvious here, Ric!”

Putting his hands on the table he leaned forward. “Then let me do my job!” he snarled.

Lucky rolled his eyes and looked away.

“How long do you think it’ll take before we can get him out of here?” asked Carly as she looked up at her ex brother-in-law.

Ric sat down in the other chair. “With the untimely death of two of the most recognized people in Port Charles, I say it all depends.”

“On what?” she asked, making a face.

A smile came to Ric’s face. “On how much you really want him out of here.”

Carly sat back in her chair, uncomfortable by his stare. “What are you asking me, Ric?”

“I am asking you, how far you are willing to go to see that this plan of ours works,” he simply answered.

Swallowing, Carly folded her arms. “You know how far I am willing to go.”

“Good,” said Ric as he stood. He then handed her a key-card. “If you are willing to do anything possible to get Elizabeth away from Jason, you’ll go to that room in an hour.”

She looked down at the key. “Are you fucking kidding me?” she snapped out in shock.

Ric straightened his tie. “I am very serious. I can have Lucky out of here before six in the morning,” he answered, and bent to grab his briefcase.

“What if I don’t come?”

“Then you know what happens.”

As he took his leave, a smile appeared to his face. He knew Carly, and he knew she would do anything to get Jason. Nodding to several detectives, he left the PCPD.

Lucky sat forward. “You aren’t thinking about sleeping with him are you?” he asked, his eyes wide.

“I can’t do this without you, now can I?” snapped Carly as she stood.

“Carly, I don’t think this is a good idea!”

Carly let out a laugh. “And it’s not your decision to make either. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Moving to grab her, Lucky growled when she opened the door. “Don’t do it!” he yelled. “Carly! Don’t do it!”

As the door closed, Carly could still hear Lucky yelling at her. Straightening her hair she lifted her chin and walked right out of the PCPD.

She had work to do.


The looks that were directed his way almost made Jason growl as he walked into the mansion.

Nodding to Monica who was still dressed in her scrubs, he headed upstairs and into the bedroom that Alice had put both boys in to sleep.

He saw Nikolas walking around the room, trying to calm a crying Spencer.

Jason watched the two, feeling his heart tighten. Would he ever get to hold his daughter or son like that? Would he be able to hold Cameron again? Elizabeth?

This time, he held in the growl of frustration for Spencer’s sake as he moved further into the room.

“Is he all right?” he asked, watching the other man as he turned.

Nikolas sighed. “He woke up and Cameron wasn’t here. I was downstairs when I heard him crying.”

Jason nodded, his eyes scanning the room. “How the hell did she get in and out of this place without getting caught?” he asked to no one in particular.

His friend answered anyway. “She was a mother on a mission, Jason. I would have done the same if I thought Spencer was in danger.”

“I should have known she would do this,” Jason moaned. He rubbed his face. “I just didn’t realize it until now.”

“Jason, there was nothing you could of have done.”

“I could have protected her. I could have stayed away from her.”

Nikolas raised an eyebrow. “But you love her,” he stated.

Snorting, Jason sat on the bed. “Yeah, and that got her grandmother killed.”

Bouncing his son, Nikolas handed him the note. “I’ll be downstairs,” he said before walking toward the door.


He stopped and turned. “Yeah?”

Jason looked up. “Thank you.”

Nikolas nodded before disappearing down the staircase.


“How is he?” asked Emily as Nikolas came into the living room.

Immediately she reached out to take Spencer in her arms and closed her eyes as the baby wrapped his arms securely around her, and buried his face in her neck.

Although she was frightened by Elizabeth’s depture, she felt herself beginning to relax as she held Spencer.

Whenever things would go bad in her life and she thought no one would be able to help her, even Nikolas, holding Spencer would make all the bad float away. It was his gift, and she cherished it each and every day she saw him.

Letting her eyes go up to Nikolas, she could see the worry in his eyes.

“Hey, we’re going to find her,” she said pulling him close to her.

Nikolas sighed. “I hope so. Jason’s taking this pretty hard.”

Emily nodded. “Of course he is. Elizabeth is the love of his life. If she wasn’t here…God, I don’t know if I want to even think about it.”

Shaking his head, Nikolas pulled her close. “Neither do I,” he whispered, closing his eyes.


Dear Jason,

I am very sorry about the way I treated you at the hospital.

I know this wasn’t your fault. That Grandmother’s death was not by your hands. I was shocked. I mean, today I found out I was having a baby and then my Grandmother dies on the same day?

Jason, I know you don’t like this, but I need time. I need time to figure things out. I need to know that I can be with you because I love you, not because I need you to protect me and hold me when everything in my life goes wrong.

I need to know that I am not making a mistake.

Now it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you, I do. It’s just…this is so hard! I never expected that life could be so good, and then this happens.

I will cherish every moment we have had together in the past three months. I will cherish the way you treated me, the way you held and made my son feel like he was so very special.

You gave me life; I can feel this baby growing inside of me. But right now, I need time.

Please do not come looking for me. And I do hope Grandmother’s killer is brought to justice.

Jason…I love you…more than you’ll ever know.


Elizabeth and Cameron

The last sentence touched him the most and Jason had to put the note down as his eyes blurred with unshed tears.

She was gone because of him, and it was all his fault.


The music, the food, and the drinks.

It made Carly want to run for the hills screaming her head off, but she didn’t.

No, she was here because she had to get Jason back. And the only way to do that was to sleep with Ric Lansing.

At least he knows what kind of food I like, she thought as she picked up a strawberry and sucked it into her mouth, letting the juices wake her senses, right before sinking her teeth into the juicy berry.

She nearly moaned as her body heated from just the strawberry alone. Tonight was the night that she would get her wish.

Elizabeth would be out of her life, and Jason would be all hers.

“I’m glad you’re here,” said Ric as he came out of the bathroom wearing only but a towel.

Carly let her eyes roam down his body. Oh well, at least he’s better looking then Sonny ever was.

“Let’s get this over with.”


“I don’t like this one little bit,” snapped Mac, his arms crossed against his chest as he watched Cruz release the cuffs from Lucky Spencer’s wrists.

Detective Walsh shook his head with a sigh. “There’s nothing we can do, sir. The judge let him out.”

Mac snorted. “Because DA Lansing gave him a lot of money. He is no better then his brother was.”

“I agree totally with you, sir.”

“It’s Mac.”

Walsh smiled. “Mac.”

“Oh please,” muttered Lucky as he looked over at the two. “Stop kissing face.”

Mac glared at him. “Shut up, Spencer. Before I put you back in your cell where you belong.”

Lucky grinned. “And here I thought you were actually my friend.”

“That was before you decided to sleep with my niece. And I will arrest you again, when I find evidence that you were the one that shot Audrey.”

Laughing, Lucky shook his head. “Don’t go making assumptions there, Mac. That’ll get you where you don’t want to go.”

Mac took a step forward. “You threatening me, Spencer?”

“No,” said Lucky, smiling again. “Just stating a fact.”

Growling, Mac glared at him. “Get the hell out of here, before I throw you out.”

“You better watch your mouth,” said Lucky as he pulled away and headed for the stairs leading down to the door. “I might just talk to the DA about police brutality.”

Mac went to go after Lucky, but Walsh stopped him.

“I swear Lucky, if it’s the last thing I do, I’m bringing you down!”

Lucky’s laughter rang out even after he left.


“Oh…my God!” cried Ric as he thrust deeper into Carly than he had ever been with anyone.

The rumors had been true; Carly was one hell of a lover. And since he had gotten her undressed it had been one surprise after another.

Her moans only spurred him on, especially when she closed around him so tightly, he could barely even move.

“Fuck! Carly!”

Throwing her head back, Carly moaned. Surprised that she was actually enjoying this.

Since she had walked into the room, she had been nervous. But when he kissed her, all of that flew away.

Having sex with Ric…it felt good, but not as good as it was with Jason.

Carly allowed herself to relish in the thoughts of her former lover. She imagined it was Jason’s hands on her body, not Ric’s. She imagined it was Jason’s hot and heavy cock between her legs thrusting in and out of her.

Ric was just a substitute for the real thing, and she couldn’t wait for it.

Turning them, Carly sat up and placed her hands on his chest, watching Ric’s dark eyes become even darker.

“That’s right…fuck Carly,” she said, moving her hips up and then slamming them down, making them both cry out in passion.

Gripping her hips with his hands, Ric thrust deeper and harder into her. “Ride me, baby. Harder. Harder!” he yelled with each thrust.

“Ooooh!” cried Carly, her head falling back as she continued to fuck her lover. “Touch me!”

Ric smiled, his hand already reaching between them to rub her in time with his thrusts. He was not easy on her, and the way her face lit up with desire, he figured she didn’t care.

“Scream my name.”


He added pressure until she started screaming. “I said, scream my name.”

“Oooh…oooh God!” screamed Carly as she came against him so hard, her body shook. “Ric!”

He closed his eyes as he fell over the edge as well, spilling deeply inside of her.

“This is so gross.”

That stopped both of them from moving. Turning her head, Carly gasped. “Lucky,” she shrieked, covering herself.

Ric pulled out of her, covering himself as well as she fell beside him. “You’re out!” he said with wide eyes.

Smiling, Lucky walked forward before taking out his gun and pointing it at Ric.

“Yes, I am. And so are you.”

The gun then went off, the sound reverberating across the room.

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