Chapter Ten

It was the same old three-word sentence that had been uttered from the mouths of women for centuries.

Although it had been brought down to two, Dr Robin Scorpio liked to change how she worded it every time. Especially when it came to her friends.

The twin looks of shock were almost amusing had an accident not occurred hours before. Robin was worried that the fall might have put Elizabeth at high risk for a possible premature labor. Which meant tests would have to be done to conclude that she wasn’t in that category.

Taking a step into the room, Robin shut the door and walked over to the bed. She sat on the edge and put a hand over Elizabeth’s.

“Are you okay?”

She watched as Elizabeth nodded, but didn’t say anything more.

“All right, before we start screaming for joy, I need to bring up a few things with you. First off, the baby seems to be holding its own. We did an ultra-sound and the baby’s heart rate is returning to normal,” she started.

Elizabeth swallowed. “Is the baby going to be okay?” she asked.

Robin nodded. “He or she is doing great, although the baby wasn’t happy when you arrived. Hence, why we gave you the light sedative.”

“Will that hurt the baby?”

“No, we made sure. However, the ultra-sound did show some slight damage done to your uterus. Right now I’m going to have to put you on bed rest, and that means…temporary high-risk.”

Elizabeth couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped her. “But…you said I was fine.”

Robin watched as Jason gently squeezed her hand in reassurance. They are perfect for each other, she thought to herself.

“Yes, I did. But this damage wasn’t caused by the fall, Liz. Which is why we need to do some more tests to make sure that you will be able to carry this baby to term,” she answered.

Jason continued to squeeze Elizabeth’s hand in his own, trying to reassure her that everything was going to be all right. “What kind of tests?” he asked.

Robin smiled at them both, knowing Jason would keep her calm. “I need to do another ultra-sound, and it’s about that time of year Liz.”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. “I really hate when you say it like that.”

“It’s my job. After those are done, I should have the results. I’m going to have to keep you overnight for observation as well.”

“Now why did I know you were going to say that?” Elizabeth groaned.

Robin grinned. “Because it’s my job,” she answered once more before getting up. “I’ll have a nurse bring in some water. You’re going to need it for the tests. I’ll be back in about an hour and a half and we’ll get started.”

“I’ll be here,” growled Elizabeth as she watched her friend leave the room.

Turning to Jason, she swallowed. “I don’t like this.”



Detective Cruz Rodriguez had seen a lot in his day. Had seen the worst kind of cruelty a man, or woman, could do to a victim that had been at the wrong place at the wrong time.

In Audrey Hardy’s case, it had been in her own home.

Walking into the house, he allowed his eyes to roam over the front living room. The door showed no signs of forced entry, which meant that she somehow knew her killer. The position that the body laid gave him indication that she had opened the door – that she had let this person in. She hadn’t tried to run, and didn’t have time to.

Squatting down on his knees, Cruz carefully pulled the sheet up, revealing her body.

“Damn,” he growled.

After getting his ex-partner and friend booked at the PCPD, a call had come in reporting that a neighbor had heard gunshots going off at Elizabeth’s grandmothers. A man had reportedly disappeared shortly after the shots had been fired.

The excess energy and anger at seeing his friend come to such a low in his life had led Cruz to answer the call. Of course, the cops had gotten there before him, and so had the crime scene investigators.

“Time of death?” he barked out at the coroner, who had just finished packing up all his equipment.

The man in question looked up. “Approximately 7:35pm. It was fast too. No fingerprints. I think she knew the person, because from what I gather, she was lying here like she had just opened the door.”

Cruz nodded, covering the body. “The first shot didn’t kill her,” he stated.

“But the second one did,” the coroner finished. “I’ll let you know what else I find out.”

“Thanks Adam,” said Cruz, thanking the man with a handshake before he left the house.

He was not looking forward to telling Elizabeth that her Grandmother was gone, or who he suspected did the deed.


He looked pitiful.

That was the thought that came to her mind as she stepped into the room and sat down, the guard pulling Lucky Spencer to sit down opposite her.

“You got five,” snapped the guard as he cuffed Spencer to the table. He then took his leave, letting the door slam shut behind him.

Leaning forward, she looked at Lucky in disgust. “You look like shit.”

“Gee,” he muttered, leaning forward as well. “Thanks. If I wanted criticism, I wouldn’t have asked for your help.”

“If you had just gotten your ex-wife away from Morgan, we wouldn’t have this problem,” she countered.

Lucky sighed and leaned back in his chair. “Look, I did what you wanted. She’s out of the picture, now it’s your turn to step up.”

She began to smile. “Oh…believe me, I will.”

“How is that?”

“By tonight, my ex-husband is going to be dead,” she answered with a laugh.

Lucky raised an eyebrow. “You would do that, to the father of your children?”

She leaned across the table. “You were willingly going to do it to Elizabeth.”

“You’re right. Moving on. How are you going to get me out of here?”

Smiling again, she sat back. “Don’t worry, Spencer. You’ll be out of here by tomorrow’s morning light,” she said with a laugh.

Lucky found himself smiling as well. The plan they had was perfect.


She was fidgeting again.

If they weren’t in the situation they were currently in, Jason would have laughed and held her in his arms. But he knew she was worried as much as he was.

Pregnant, he thought to himself with a sigh of shock. In his previous relationships he had been against the whole thing about bringing a child into his dangerous world. Now, he didn’t exactly have a choice. The child was already present, and if he was truthful with himself, he wasn’t angry at the chance to have a child with the woman he loved.

Elizabeth was pregnant with his child.

“Wow,” he said, to no one in particular and when Elizabeth lifted her head and gave him that one perfect arch of her eyebrow, he wanted to kiss her.

“Wow, would be right,” Elizabeth finally said after a minute of silence. She then began to rub her belly. “But what if I can’t carry the baby to term, Jason?”

Shaking his head, Jason pressed his hand on top of hers. He couldn’t wait to see her showing. “Don’t talk like that. Robin just wants to take all the precautions.”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. “I know that, Jason…but what if something is wrong with our baby? What if we tell Cameron he’s going to have a little baby sister or brother, and than it’s taken away? I can’t do that to him!”

Jason closed his eyes and pulled her into his arms. “Shh,” he whispered. “This is going to work, Liz. We’re going to make it work.”

He felt her body shaking against his and only held her closer.

Both Elizabeth and the baby had to be all right. They just had to be. If they lost the baby, Jason was afraid he’d lose Elizabeth and Cameron as well.



It was hard for me to write this, but you had to know the truth.

When I first heard that you and Elizabeth had gotten together, I was angry. I was angry at the fact that someone had taken you away from your family.

Then I had to stop and realize that you weren’t leaving us. You were gaining a family of your own.

I’ve seen you with Elizabeth, I saw you at Kelly’s with her and Cameron, and Emily, Nikolas and Spencer. Your little family.

You looked so happy with them, Jason. So it led me to writing you this letter. I knew if you were going to make a family with Elizabeth and Cameron, you had to know the truth.

First, if you’re reading this letter…it’s because something horrible has happened.

Second, you have to know what my ex-wife has been up to…

Sonny looked up from his desk, his pen clenched in his hand. He looked around his living room, the living room he had lived in since after Morgan was born.

It would be the last place he saw. The last place he would live in.

He finished the letter and put it into an envelope. Sealing it, he stood.

“Michael! Morgan! Get down here,” he yelled as he walked to the stairs and grabbed the two bags that belonged to his sons.

Sonny turned and nodded to Max. “Take them to the safe house, and make sure that Jason gets this,” he said, handing the envelope to his most trusted bodyguard – and, if he had to admit – his friend.

Max nodded as he took the bags and shoved them to Milo who walked out of the room. He then took the envelope. “Are you sure about this sir?” he asked. “I’d feel better if you came with us.”

“No, Max,” Sonny answered with a shake of his head. “That will only put Michael and Morgan in more danger.”

Swallowing, Max nodded. “And Carly?”

Sonny’s eyes hardened. “Don’t tell her a thing.”

A promise passed between the two before they both looked up. Michael came bounding down the stairs, Morgan in tow. “Dad! Morgan hid my GI Joe toy and I can’t find it!” yelled Michael.

Licking his lips, Sonny laughed as he pulled Michael into his arms. “You’re getting too old for toys, Michael.”

“But it was the one Uncle Jason gave me!”

Sonny laughed and shook his head at his other son. “It’s in the bag. Milo just put it into the car.”

Michael grinned. “Cool!” he said and went to rush out the door.

“Hey, hey, hey! Little man, come here,” said Sonny as he squatted and grabbed Morgan from leaving as well. “Now, I want you to be good for Max and Milo while you are gone.”

Frowning, Michael looked at his father. “What about you, Dad? Why can’t you come?” he asked.

Sonny looked down. “Because, I have some important stuff to finish and I’d feel better if you two weren’t here to interrupt me.”

“We wouldn’t interrupt, Daddy,” said Morgan, giggling when his daddy tickled him.

Taking a deep breath, Sonny pulled his boys into his arms. “I love you both. Don’t ever forget that,” he whispered, blinking back the tears.

“We love you too, Dad.”

“Love you, Daddy.”

Sonny pulled back after a moment and smiled down at his boys before pushing them back playfully. “Now go. And no pushing your brother around!”

Michael rolled his eyes. “Okay!” he yelled before both he and Morgan ran from the room.

Standing, Sonny nodded to Max and then walked them out of the room.

Once the house was silent again, Sonny closed the door and locked it. He set the alarm and walked into the living room. Going to his favorite chair near the back of the staircase and toward the kitchen, he sat down.

“Come on, wife,” he muttered to himself. “I’m ready now.”


The bastard actually thought he’d keep her children away from her?

Sonny Corinthos made a big mistake and Carly was going to make him pay.

Taking the last step down the stairs, Carly raised her arm. The safety on the gun now off.

“Goodbye, husband,” she said.


The sound of the gun going off was silenced by the night. All that was left in the wake was the sound of birds chirping loudly as they flew away from the dark brick mansion.


The sound of his cell phone went off as he exited the room. Robin was doing tests on Elizabeth, and he knew she didn’t want him there for most of it.

Sighing, Jason went to the waiting room, pulling out his cell phone and opening it.

“Hello?” he answered.

Silence followed. Frowning, Jason looked at his phone and saw that the there was still a connection.

“Hello?” he asked again, and when no one answered, his eyes narrowed. “Whoever is on the line better say something right now.”

The line going dead had him growling in frustration. It was the second time tonight that had happened.

Shaking his head, Jason walked over to the nurse’s station. “Monica, do you know where Emily went?” he asked, shrugging off the feeling of not knowing who had been on the phone.

Looking up from her files, Monica smiled. “Nikolas came by and the two went to the cafeteria. I got a call from Alice, both of the boys are asleep.”

Jason closed his eyes in relief and sighed. “That’s good. I don’t want Cameron to have to worry.”

“Jason, Alice has it handled. You don’t have to worry about that,” replied Monica, than she looked down. “About the results of Elizabeth’s test…”

He held up a hand. “I don’t want the Quartermaine’s to know right now, Monica.”

Monica sighed. “They have a right to, Jason. Alan has a right to know he is going to be a Grandfather.”

“Look, Elizabeth has been through enough these past couple of months. I don’t need her to be even more upset. Can’t this wait?”

She shook her head and looked down at the file in her hands. “If you think that’s best,” she answered after a moment. Monica than went to walk away.

“Monica?” asked Jason, his hand going to her arm.

Monica almost tensed at his touch, but didn’t turn. “I have work to do.”

“I know.”

“Then what do you want from me?”

Jason swallowed. “I wanted to thank you for what you did for Elizabeth.”

She sighed again and turned after a moment. “I did my job, Jason. I would have done it for anybody.”

“I know…but I wanted to thank you anyway.”

Monica nodded, not saying anything more. She turned and walked away.

Watching her go, Jason swallowed, knowing he had hurt her. Running his hands over his face he turned to walk to the waiting room when the doors to the elevator opened.

He looked up and saw Detective Rodriguez and almost sighed. Jason didn’t feel like talking to the man.

“Morgan,” the man announced as he walked to him.

“I have nothing to say,” said Jason. “I don’t want to talk about Lucky.”

Cruz raised an eyebrow. “Too bad, because I’m going to need to talk to you. So either we can talk, or we can go to the station.”

Jason frowned. “Talk? About what?” he asked.

“The death of Audrey Hardy.”

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