Chapter One

Elizabeth had to talk to Jason.

Jason couldn’t believe the words that had just come from Elizabeth’s mouth. How could she think that it was just sex between them? Did she not know how he felt about her? Did she not know that every time he walked into a room and she was there that he could hardly breathe in her presence? It wasn’t just about sex for him. Yes, he would admit that he enjoyed sex with Elizabeth. If he could put it into words he would have said that it was powerful, consuming, connecting. But it wasn’t the sex that made him fall in love with Elizabeth Webber. No, he fell in love with her long before there was Courtney or Sam, he just hid his feelings deep inside – afraid of hurting her or getting hurt himself in the process.

When Elizabeth had moved out and had said that her and Lucky were getting a divorce, a part of him felt sad for the two lovers – but another part of him felt like running and jumping for joy. Never in his life had he ever felt like he did at that moment and now the woman he loved was asking him if it was just about sex for him. He felt his fingers move, tightening into a fist as he tried to control himself from yelling at her until she saw reason.

All he could do was just turn and look at her. Jason’s heart melted at the almost hopeful look in her eyes. What was she hoping for? Hoping that he loved her or hoping it was just sex? He must have said something out loud because the gasp from her lips made his heart begin to pound in his chest.


Elizabeth took a step back at his words and tried like hell not to burst into tears. He didn’t love her. Not like he loved Sam. Shaking her head she folded her arms. “I guess that answered my question,” she said, her voice one of hurt and anger.

Shaking his head, Jason took a step forward. “No I don’t think you understand at all…” he started.

“Oh I don’t? Jason of course this is about sex! You’re lonely, I’m lonely. We turned to each other and now we’re done!” she yelled taking a step back from him. “I was stupid to think it was something more.”

“It is Elizabeth, please…”

Elizabeth shook her head. “Please…please what? Please accept that you love Sam more than you could ever love me? Or please accept that this is just another roll in the hay for you?” she then put her hands up. “It’s okay Jason. I understand. It’s okay really…I know what I am to you now.”

Reaching out, Jason grasped her arm in his. “Elizabeth it’s not like that and you know it!” he snapped, his patience now gone.

“Please leave.”

It was the two words that struck like a knife right into her heart and all Elizabeth wanted was to curl up on the floor and die at that moment. How could she have been so stupid, so careless with her heart yet again! Hadn’t she learned her lesson the first time with Lucky?


“Please, Elizabeth…don’t do this,” said Jason feeling his heart tighten in pain. What had been just an innocent question had turned into this. He couldn’t leave now, not without telling her the truth!

He watched Elizabeth take another step back, the arm he held taken away. It was like a slap in the face. Hadn’t he learned long ago with Courtney and then Sam? Now Elizabeth, his best friend, the woman he had fallen in love with was walking away. He felt like punching a hole in the wall.

Elizabeth wrapped her arms around herself in a protective hold. “Please…just leave Jason,” she said.

Closing his eyes, Jason felt his hands tighten again at his side. When he opened his eyes again, in his place was not the man that felt his heart breaking in two. In his place was the only thing that kept everything that mattered to him at bay; the thing that kept him safe. Swallowing, he nodded. Taking one last look at the woman he would never get to hold again, never get to talk too, or even make love too…he reached out running a hand down her face.

“I love you.”

At her gasp, Jason dropped his hand. Straightening, although he felt like the weight of the world was now on his shoulders, he turned away from her and walked to the door. Opening it, he walked out – not even listening to her cry at him to wait. To wait for what, another blow to his already hurting heart? He couldn’t do this. He couldn’t listen to it any longer.

So he slammed the door shut and walked out into the daylight, wishing like hell it were night. It would match the mood he was in.


Emily Quartermaine almost groaned and turned around to leave. But she knew he had seen her, so instead of walking out, Emily turned and walked right back into Kelly’s and sat down at the table. When he looked up she almost gasped in shock. A year. It had taken a year for Lucky Spencer to screw up his life and his marriage. As she looked at him, Emily realized the man she was looking at wasn’t Lucky anymore…but a stranger. “You look like hell,” she stated folding her arms.

“Gee Em…thanks for the vote of confidence,” said Lucky with a snap. “I didn’t invite you here to hear insults.”

“Then why did you Lucky?” she yelled at him sitting up straight. “You made it perfectly clear that you wanted nothing to do with me or Nikolas. So why the sudden change?”

Lucky ran his hands through his disheveled hair, a growl escaping his throat as he tried to calm himself. He needed his friends help. They were the only ones that could help him at this moment. “I…I need your help Emily,” he said, his blood-shot and tired eyes going to his friend. “I need you to help me get Elizabeth back.”

Emily felt a shiver of fear run down her spine at the look in his eyes. It was a look of a broken man, bent on getting the one thing he had lost. “Lucky…oh my God…you’re drunk aren’t you?” she said with a gasp.

“I had a few drinks at Jake’s last night. Before I saw my wife leave with your brother,” he growled, his hands turning into fists.

Swallowing past the panic, Emily leaned forward. “You lost your chance with Elizabeth when you decided to sleep with Maxie and get her pregnant!” she snapped at him. “Liz is moving on…you need to do the same!”

Lucky shook his head. “No way Emily,” he said reaching out to grab her hand in his. “I will be with Elizabeth again.”

“Lucky you’re hurting me…” cried Emily as she tried to get her hand free.

“Shut up!” yelled Lucky, but before he could say anything more, he felt a hand grab him by the back of his shirt and yank him from his chair. He yelled in pain when his back hit the counter and he was face to face with the man who had taken his wife away from him. “Morgan.”


Jason turned his head and looked at Emily. “Are you all right?” he asked tightening his fist around Lucky’s throat when he tried to move.

Emily nodded and stood. “Jason…” she started.

“Go Emily,” he said, turning back to Lucky. When he was sure his sister was out of the diner his eyes darkened when he looked at the other man. “You ever hurt my sister again, I swear, there will be no stopping me from killing you Spencer.” He then pulled away and began walking to the door.

Lucky moved, grabbing Jason’s arm and turned him. “Don’t threaten me and then walk away from me you bastard,” he said right before his fist landed into Jason’s face, knocking the taller man down.

Reaching up to touch his cheek, Jason glared at Lucky right before he got up, punching Lucky in the face.

“Jason!” yelled Mike from behind the counter. “Lucky! Stop!”

But they didn’t. Jason felt pain run through his body when he fell onto a table with Lucky on top of him, punching him. As he landed on the floor, Jason turned and began punching Lucky in the face continuously, not listening to the cries of the scared customers grabbing their kids and running out. Not to the yelling of Mike who was trying to get to them. Or even the surprised cry of the woman he loved. He just kept punching.

Somehow or another, Jason was lifted away from Lucky and he fought to get free. But when he saw Elizabeth fall to her knees beside Lucky, he stopped. He found Diego Alcazar and Dillon Quartermaine holding onto him and pulled away from their hold. “I’m done!” he yelled at them.

Elizabeth turned to look at him. “What the hell is the matter with you Jason!” she yelled as she held Lucky’s head in her lap. “Get out! Get out now!”

The only sound was Lucky’s moan. All Jason wanted to do was grab Elizabeth’s hand and leave. Her look however stopped that plan. His eyes took in the disaster that he and Lucky had created and felt a sickening pull in his stomach. Swallowing through the lump in his throat, he turned to Mike – although the words were directed at Elizabeth. “I’m sorry,” he said before turning and walking out.


Elizabeth nearly fell to the floor as she managed to get Lucky upstairs and into a room above Kelly’s. As she laid him down on the bed, she realized this was the room that he had made love to Maxie in. “Are you out of your mind?” she finally got out as she looked at the man she had once loved.

“No. I’m just not falling for that innocent act that Morgan’s got going,” Lucky snapped as he leaned his head back on the pillow. “So what, if we fought.”

Shaking her head, Elizabeth took a step back. “You are unbelievable! Jason could have killed you Lucky! How do you think Cameron would feel if something happened to you?”

“Oh I don’t know…I haven’t seen my son in three months!” yelled Lucky.

“And whose fault is that Lucky? You decided to break up our marriage by getting Maxie Jones into bed, and now she’s pregnant!” she yelled back.

Lucky threw his hands up. “I wouldn’t have done that if you weren’t all over Patrick Drake,” he growled.

Elizabeth laughed, her hands going to run through her hair. “There is nothing going on between me and Patrick. How many times am I going to have to say it?”

“Tell me something…how long have you been fucking Morgan behind my back?” he asked sitting up.

Her blood ran cold at his words and Elizabeth took a step back. The man she had once loved was almost unrecognizable, and that was without Jason’s handiwork. Shaking her head, she realized then and there that there would be no relationship, or friendship for that matter, with Lucky. Never again. “You bastard,” she said throwing the medical kit at him. “You have no right asking me that question.”

“I do because you are my wife. The papers haven’t been signed yet and I deserve an answer!” he yelled.

Elizabeth sighed. “Fine you want an answer. Two months. After finding you in bed with Maxie, I left. I walked to Jason’s penthouse, we talked and then we made love,” she said, her voice hard and cold. “And it felt good. Great, as a matter of fact.”

“Shut up.”

“What Lucky…you wanted to know how it felt to be with Jason. There you go, now you know.”

Lucky shook his head. “All along. For the last six years you’ve wanted to be in Jason’s bed. Every time you were with me, you thought of being with him!”

“It isn’t like that and you know it Lucky!” screamed Elizabeth. “I loved you! I married you. I would give my life for you, and you screwed that up by sleeping with her.”

He sighed. “I told you that was over…”

“Over? No…no Lucky, we are over. You have a baby with Maxie. Deal with it. No more asking Emily to help. No more asking Nikolas for help. We. Are. Through!” she then turned and headed for the door.

“So you would take me over him?” his word stopped her cold in her tracks, and Lucky smiled with a shake of his head. “You would choose him over me. You slut.”

Elizabeth turned and coldly gave him a look. “The papers will be signed and sealed today,” she said, her voice one of cold calm. “You will never come near me or my son again.”

Lucky shook his head. “You are not pushing me away from my son…” he started.

“You will not contact me or Cameron. If I see you around my son, I will have you arrested for harassment!” she yelled. Turning she opened the door. “Congratulations Lucky. You got what you wanted. You wanted me to go…now I’m gone.”

Without a backward glance, Elizabeth left the room, slamming it shut and walked out of the diner.

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